Monday, October 12, 2009

A Trade With Cards on Cards!

Okay, I am back from the dentist's drill and I am sufficiently numb, nauseas and sore. I am gonna tough it out and post some more trades since I can’t spend my time doing other things like speaking or chewing…
This is part 4 of the trade with Madding and the Cards on Cards blog. The earlier parts included awesome cards of Pat Neshek, Brian Roberts and Jonny Gomes. This post will show off some of the rest, the random Rays cards. This first card is a Rays rookie, even if it isn’t a Rays card. Prior to joining the Rays, Dioner Navarro spent time in the Yankees organization. I forgive him for that and I am actually pleased to own his rookie card, plus the pose conveniently doesn’t show the team’s name or logo…This is card#BDP147 from the 2004 Bowman set. From the 2008 Moments and Milestones set, commemorating his 239 strikeout season in 2007, we have card number 107 of Scott Kazmir (207 Ks), serial numbered 007/150. I lucked out and got a 1/1 of Carlos Pena (25 homers) from this set and I really want to get a Kaz 1/1. For now I am pretty happy this 007/150. I would like to chase all of the Kaz and Pena cards from this set, I wish they used different pics or art, but I still think they are neato!
Just when I thought I had every single card from 2009 Topps covered, Madding sends me 2 cards I didn’t even know existed. The first is from Adam Kennedy who never played a game for the Rays, but has a card with them nonetheless, with a dirty uniform and all… This card is #578 from Series 2. This one will go out for a TTM as soon as the 2010 season starts up, so I can probably use a few more copies of it…The other Topps card is of Joe Maddon. I still have yet to pull a Maddon card myself, I am glad he isn’t on the top of my collecting list, I do love Maddon cards though! This year I think he made some iffy decisions, especially regarding the bullpen, but all in all I am thrilled to have him skippering the Rays. Do Managers ever get relic cards or autos? I know scouts do, if they don’t, managers should…Next up are two nice action (sort of) shots of ex-Rays from the 2007 Upper Deck set. I would seriously doubt that Greg Norton will have a job in the Big Leagues next year, but stranger things have happened. These two cards are awesome because up till now the only cards I had of these guys in Rays uniforms were their very boring 2007 Topps cards. Now we have a 2002 Upper Deck Carlos Pena… I have been really lucky with getting these youthful looking Pena cards of late, congrats again to the 2009 AL Homerun King! I’ll follow one Pena with another, this one slightly smaller in size. This is card #187 from the 2009 Goudey set and it is a mini! Immediately following mini-Pena and closing this speedy and sore post is mini-Longo, also from the 2009 Goudey set, card #184. I think Madding sent me a Kazmir mini from this set in the last trade we did. Anyone got a Crawford or Upton they wanna send my way? Thanks once again to Cards on Cards for the super awesome trade! You always send me great stuff and it is very much appreciated. Thank you! Thank you! I am sorry that your team made an early exit from the playoffs-I thought with Julio Lugo on the team, you guys couldn’t lose! On the bright side-Cardinals will likely win the Cy Young and MVP Awards…Thanks so much for the trade, I will try and post a couple more of these today. Go Angels! Troll out.

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