Friday, October 16, 2009

2009 Topps Heritage Update!!!

Greetings blog-o-sphere! I had been planning on posting a HUGE post today, maybe a few. I wanted to post the amazing surprise package I got from Wicked Ortega (3 of them actually) which had major want list implications, I wanted to post more of the amazing packages that I have received from Joe of Cobb and Halladay and trust me these are truly amazing-autographs, rookies, short prints and relics, oh my! I wanted to post about my James Shields/Goodwin Champions super collection which all three of those guys chipped in on-that is pretty amazing, too. I wanted to post the story of “Empty Bowls”-this was a great event, it raised a LOT of money to feed the hungry in my area and it is a very easy event to put on, I would like to post some advice, tips and instructions in hopes that an amazing and charitable blogger will take the idea and run with it in their own community. I wanted to post a lot of things-today is Friday, which means no class (for me that could be everyday) and I have more time for blogging. I will be honest with y’all. I am wiped out. Work, school, derby, blogging and insomnia has all taken its toll on me this week and I just don’t have the energy to type like I want to. Plus I am twenty minutes away from having to leave for work and I still haven’t taken a shower…I will take a few minutes to post something, but it’s gonna be another greedy Troll post. I wrote earlier this week about how close I am getting on the 2007 Heritage set, I am just 6 cards away! I am even closer on the 2008 version and that has more cards-I am only five away from finishing 1-720! The 2009 Heritage set on the other hand has been a much bigger thorn in my side, a more bitter pill to swallow, a (insert third clich√© here). I am getting closer everyday it seems, but in baby steps, not leaps. Less people ripped this set and there are just a whole lot less cards out there. I split the remaining 15 packs that my local shop had-we opened them together, but split the cost. I got 4 short prints out of the deal, but three were doubles. This is pretty cool actually because I have SPs to trade and these things are like gold! I will post my doubles at the end. For now, here is where I stand on the set… The aforementioned super trader-Joe from Upstate New York, the occasional author of the Cobb and Halladay blog keeps on hooking me up with things I need. I have promised a few more posts of the great things he has sent, but this is just about the 2009 Heritage set, so… I had still needed 9 more base cards to finish the base set, 1-420. Joe took care of that and also sent doubles for my Rays team set. Sweet. He also sent two of the ever elusive short prints. I can now scratch Carlos Gomez, card number 433 and Adrian Beltre, card #447 off of my list. Mike from JD Wild Cardz contributed as well. He is another one who sent me an amazing bunch of cards that deserve their own super post, but he also sent an SP. This came straight from his personal collection, straight from his Red Sox binder. I think he figured I needed it more. It is card #481 of All Star first baseman, Kevin Youkilis. That’s three short prints off of the list. Base set finished. Awesome! Thanks so much Joe! You have been an amazing trader, thank you! Thank you! Also thanks to Mike of JD Wild, I do appreciate you sacrificing a Red Sox card for my quest! I had mentioned that I had short print doubles and I do. Here they are in all of their brown backed glory. Cards #ed 429, 464 and 471. I know someone needs these, but does anyone have short prints that they can trade for them? I got a new chrome in the deal, too. It is also on the block, it is card #C77of Angel Salome. I had posted this refractor of Adam Dunn, card#C83 a while back. It got claimed, but it’s been a month and the guy isn’t answering his e-mails, so it’s back on the block, too. Any takers? With these three new additions, I need just 33 more cards to have 1-500 complete on the 2009 Topps Heritage set. Get your pen and pencils ready, they are: 426,427,430,432,437,438,439,441,442, 448,450,452,456,457,459,460,461,466, 469,470,475,476,477,479,480,487, 488,489,491,496,497,499 and 500. Man, I wanna finish this one! Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated. If you Blue Jays or Roy Halladay your shopping, find Joe at his blog- All of these set building posts have seriously limited the amount of sweet Rays cards I have posted up here, that can't happen-save me CC! Happy Friday blog-o-sphere, time to go to work…troll out.

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