Sunday, October 11, 2009

Part One of a Trade With Saints of the Cheap Seats-1978 Topps Edition!!!

As promised I will start the week with one of the biggest trades I’ve done in a long time. Big in a quantity sense, but it’s a quantity of high quality cards that makes it a very big trade. I will show it in two parts as this trade tackled two separate aspects of my collection-he sent me some very nice Tampa Bay Rays cards, but for the sake of this 1st post, I will focus on the 120 cards he sent from my 1978 Topps needs list. Posting 120 different cards can make for a very long post, hell, I can make a one-card trade into a very long post… I have picked my favorite cards that he sent and I will try and keep the words to a minimum and just show what I loved about this trade and this set. The hair, the side burns, the uniforms, I love it all! I will start with some of the Hall of Famers-he didn’t skimp on them at all, sending nine, yes 9 Hall of Famer cards (all in near-mint plus condition!) including:
Steve Carlton, Lou Brock, Fergie Jenkins, Tom Seaver, Bruce Sutter, Dennis Eckersley and Jim Rice. Those are the highlights, but they aren’t the only thing I love about this set. I like (and he included) the cards of catchers turned sportscasters, outfielders turned authors, players who would become coaches and third basemen who married pro-golfers. He also includes a déjà-vu all over again card showing history that may be about to repeat itself. Cards that give you a look at uniforms of the past and rewind back to the days when players wore their jackets under their uniforms instead of over them. You get the toothy close-ups, the mega moustaches and the fros. There are also Record Breakers cards, cards of mad-Hungarians, cards of people who should be in the Hall of Fame, cards of All Stars and lastly, I will leave you with a card of two run bad-ass run producers. This may be the smallest word count of any post I have ever done. Wow. Oh, one more thing... Has anyone ever tried to play the game on the back of the card? It ain't easy, because nearly every card is a ground out or pop-up, but Dan sent me an extra base hit-Who wants to play? Thanks again to Dan from Saints of the Cheap Seats for all these awesome 1978 Topps and about 100 more that I didn’t scan. Part two of post coming soon. If you haven’t already signed up for the SotCS group case break, please do so now. You can get info at My want list for 1978 is updated, the set is 90% complete and I can definitely use some help getting it done! Thanks again! Go Rays! Troll out.


  1. We played the games on the back as kids, and there really is more than ground outs and pop ups. In fact, there's a whole mess of doubles. And a lot of our games end up being scores you'd find when the wind is blowing out at Wrigley: 19-16.

  2. Nice can't go wrong with just about any set from the 70s compared to more modern cards.