Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Allen and Ginter Autograph Number 8 and some blah, blah, blah...

I don’t have a ton of time before work, but I am in a very, very good mood, so I am going to make a quick post now before I start working on my Jonny Gomes Tribute Post. Gomes isn’t going to be in the playoffs this year and he won’t be getting any votes for MVP or Silver Slugger or anything like that, but he had a damn solid season playing for the league minimum. The fix that I did on my car last night took me like 10 hours to do, but with a tiny bit of welding and a whole bunch of rigging, the radiator is no longer leaking, all the hoses are replaced, new water pump, new thermostat, a handful of new gaskets and an oil change later and my 1989 Jeep Cherokee with 200 thousand miles is running like new again. That makes me happy. The car took me to the Post Office after it took me to school, thanks car! I opened the tiny door to the box and it was stuffed full! YAY!!! That really makes me a happy. There were a few trades that I had been dying to get, a few gifts, 2 surprise packages and 4 TTM envelopes. One of the TTM’s came from Jonny Gomes, but I will probably just post those in the tribute post. He probably didn’t read the letter, but I did tell him I had sent him 3 cards earlier this season, but I was being greedy and sending 3 more. He signed them all and returned them within the month. Gomes is right up there on my top signers list. Sometimes I get overanxious and start opening packages while I am driving, but today I kept it under control and snapped a pick of my mail day bounty. Last night when I finally posted my trade with Wicked Ortega, I thought I was getting caught up, now I am buried again, but that is a good thing. I am a little surprised that no Tigers fans took me up on my contest challenge in the previous post. Does no one want that Curtis relic or do I just have no Detroit fans reading this blog OR are you guys conceding defeat already? I will end this with one of my TTM successes, this one being Allen & Ginter project auto number 8. This was the only Ginter auto out of the haul today, but the other ones were cool, too. This one is card #23 of the super-awesome-cyclist Kristen Armstrong. Now I am the first to admit that I really don’t care about cycling, but when cycling brings you a Gold Medal, you are pretty awesome and I want your autograph. This card was a pull from my first pack of Ginter and was one of the things that really struck me about this set and made me want to chase it. Thanks Kristen! Troll out (for now).

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  1. Trollster, PLEASE send me the address for Armstrong!! Ok, OK, pretty please!