Friday, October 9, 2009

New and Shiny Tampa Bay Rays Cards!

Shiny plus your favorite team or player equals awesome! I just got off of work and I am feeling lazy. I will post a trade when I wake up, but until then, here are some of my favorite shiny Rays cards that have found their way into my mailbox recently. Some have been posted, some are brand new, all of them are shiny.
There are no highlights in this post and no Yankees and I prefer it that way...It all started when Nachos Grande sent me this Heritage Chrome Navi card
about a month or two ago and then Adam from Thought and Sox sent me a BJ Upton Chrome. After that I declared that I wanted to chase all of the Rays in Chrome and some heeded my call. I can know add Willy Aybar, Carlos Pena, Jonny Gomes, Evan Longoria and my favorite, a Chrome Refractor of Carl Crawford, shiny!
Die cut, shiny, serial numbered and Crawford? Cool... Bowman Sterling is one of my favorite products in the entire card world, even though I have never bought a single pack. I think its one of those super premium hobby only things that is too pricy for my cardshop to stock. I love getting them in the mail and scanning them doesn’t come close to doing them justice.
How about some more random shiny autos of ex-Rays? Shawn Camp and Joey Gathright… How about some shiny Rays of the future? This Donruss unlicensed card looks ridiculous, but it still fairly shiny… This John Jaso autographed refractor came from the Mojo Hand and its mojo-riffic!
This Bowman Refractor of Jonny Gomes was posted earlier in the week, it came from Closet Full of Cardboard but warrants another look. I will follow it with a Carl Crawford Bowman Refractor and end with a Matt Garza Finest Refractor. I was into refractors in 1993 and I guess I still am. I think the best card to end this post with came from the Night Owl not too long ago... Still my favorite...Thanks to all who sent these cards, shiny never goes out of style!

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