Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Comeback Player of the Year Awards...

The MLB Writers didn’t waste any time choosing the Comeback Players of the Year for 2009. For some reason I thought this was announced with ROY, MVP, etc, but they have been named. Big Congratulations to Aaron Hill of the Toronto Blue Jays and to Chris Carpenter of the St. Louis Cardinals. Carpenter still have a good shot at being NL Cy Young as well. Aaron Hill should get a few MVP votes as well. He had a great season individually, but when Scuttaro went out at the end, he didn’t have anyone getting on base ahead of him and he certainly didn’t have any protection in the line-up. Anyway, CONGRATS!!!
Since I am not often right about anything, here is an excerpt from a Troll post on July 13, 2009 when I was making my midseason predictions…
The Comeback Player of the Year award is a big one, but I have narrowed it down to one winner in the AL and a tie in the NL. The winners are: Toronto Blue Jays All Star second baseman Aaron Hill. Hill was off to a great start in his career his line was .291/17/78 in ’07, but an on field collision with David Eckstein in ’08 left him with a grade 2 concussion and ended his season (.263/2/20) before it really began. This year he is better than ever (.292/20/60) and started in the All Star game for the AL.On the National League side we have 2 guys. Yovanni Gallardo of the Brewers was also off to a fine start in 2007 going 9-5/3.62/101 Ks, but a muscle tear in his knee limited him to 24 innings pitched in ’08. This year, after going winless for a year, he is 8-7/3.22/123 Ks. The most remarkable of all is Chris Carpenter who had not won a game since signing a huge contract with St. Louis. He was 0-2 combined in ’07 and ’08, sidelined with bone spurs and Tommy John surgery. Healthy and healed this year he is 7-3 with a 2.47 ERA in 13 games for the Red Birds.
Okay, thanks for playing along… Afternoon playoff baseball, ya gotta love it! Unless your Cole Hammels who doesn’t love it. For someone who works nights, I love it! And by the way... Thanks to some great trades I am within 5 cards of finishing the 2008 Topps Heritage set, the whole thing, 1-720! If anyone has card #s 469,691,704,707 or 718, please help a Troll out! Go Rays! Troll out.

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  1. I completely agree both selections for comeback player. Hill was just smacking the ball all year and Carpenter coming back so strong after tommy john is just remarkable.