Thursday, October 1, 2009

From The Troll...

Howdy blog-o-sphere! The Troll is doing much better today. It never got past 85 degrees yesterday and that is a very good thing for someone who works out doors. I don’t like talking about my current job much, but I will say a few words about it. I am a trained machinist and I have nearly twenty years experience in the metal working industry, I have been the foreman of a shop that did a million dollars a month in business. I am also a journalist. This has never fared as well as my metal working career, but I have had several long-term newspaper jobs and developed a small amount of success in that field as well. Now, I can’t find a job. There are hundreds of thousands of folks out of work with more experience than myself and they are willing to work for peanuts, which makes finding a job very difficult. I am pretty sure that I am not the only unemployed or underemployed blogger out here. I do sell stories from time to time and still take photos for baseball cards, but the pay has gotten less and less. I am trying to reinvent myself and finally get a degree in engineering see what that can for me. Right now, I am a baseball card blogger by day and a security guard by night. It is a fine profession, but it isn’t what I have worked my whole life to aspire to be, I still take pride in my job and I do it well, but I am not necessarily proud of it. The company I work for has two guards. The other one is a great man, a Vietnam vet and a former police officer. He is getting old and losing his touch a bit. I took Sunday night off for a derby benefit and he covered. On his watch three cars were broken into. It was a pretty big deal. As a security guard, that is one of the ways you can have a very bad night. A good night is a boring night; an eventful night is never good. That leaves him at a crossroads and until further notice, he is on voluntary leave which means I will be back to working 7 nights a week. This is good for me financially; my underemployment has left the Troll household in pretty bad shape, so money coming in is always welcome. On a selfish note, I had tickets for Tuesday night’s ballgame that I couldn’t use. I believe that it was the worst attended game of the season for the Rays. It was also a game where Brian Roberts broke Lance Berkman’s single season record for doubles by a switch hitter. Wade Davis also put in a gem of a performance for the Rays, winning his second game. I watched the highlights and read the box score. Just ten-thousand people were on hand for that one, pathetic. Last night, they won again. James Shields pitched 7 innings of shut out baseball, Zobrist and Crawford both homered and Upton stole a pair of bases. I missed that, too. With that win, the Rays clinched a winning record for the season. That’s two years in a row, something to build on. I really love the Rays and I love being there, win or lose. I watch the Marlins on TV a lot and it drives me nuts seeing thousands and thousands of empty seats. It makes me worry about losing baseball in Florida, which is not something I want to happen. I feel pretty out of touch of late. With the blog-o-sphere, with baseball and it is really driving me nuts. I am scanning cards for my next trade post; it should be up in a few hours. I got the remainder of the packages I had planned to ship, shipped. I don’t plan on buying much more wax for a while and I will likely not have too much trading fodder till next year. I do still have plenty of cards to trade; I am just tapped out on certain teams. I have plenty ideas for posting after baseball season and this site will remain a baseball and baseball cards blog. In other words, don’t look for any football on here any time soon. Okay, that’s it for now. Go Rays! Back to scanning. Troll out.


  1. Looking forward to many more posts and best of luck on the job front!