Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saving The Ta Tas Two At A Time...

The Bradentucky Bombers were making strides against breast cancer today in the 5K Walk-A-Thon at Sarasota Polo Grounds today… We had a number of gals and even 5 guys (two of them in strollers) walking for the cause EARLY this morning. I hate naming names because I always forget people, but here goes… Snow Wipe U Out, Julia Sieze Her, Morgan, Miss Fitz, Esther Gin N Juice, Vixen Da Crusher, Mia Psycho, Lulu Larue and nephew Landon, Willie B. Faire, Poison, Tony and Oliver Apple all were in attendance, along with me, Side of Bacon. We raised a bunch of money, walked 5 kilometers like it was nothing and were part of an event that included thousands of people from all walks of life. Every team had their own catchy “save the Ta Tas” type line and some of them were pretty funny, but I am not gonna list any of them here, your gonna have to use your imagination. We had a little think tank for next year, decided that we skate the walk-a-thon (skate-a-thon?) and perhaps use a slogan like “Skater Tots” or “Save The Slambags”. When the walk was complete, there were high fives all around. Go Bombers! Esther Gin N Juice, Mofo on Wheels, Lydia, Chris and Side of Bacon are hosting a party tonight to celebrate all of the good will that we have spread through the community this month and we will probably get very drunk and very silly in the process. Oh yeah, it is gonna be a costume party, too. Thanks to all of the Bombers who joined us in the walk against breast cancer! Go Bombers! Go Angels! Troll out.

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  1. Great Post, Great Cause Troll! Here in LA we have the Revlon 5K Run/Walk on Mother's Day for Breast Cancer. It's a great event and I enjoy running it.