Monday, October 12, 2009

A Quick Post Before I Visit The Dentist's Drill...

Just got out of class and I have 10 minutes till I have to be at the dentist for round number two of fillings… I got back all my essays-the ones about poems about plums and I did pull of an A, actually an A+. Naturally I am bummed that it wasn’t an A+++. I had intended on posting part two of the SotCS trade now, but no time, I will do that a little later on tonight, I promise. I also have part 4 of the Cards on Cards trade that I will post later tonight. I had a number of long posts in the queue about how much I hate the Red Sox, how I hope they lose how I am an Angels fan now and all that. I also had a long post on all the reasons why Rocco Baldelli should have made the Red Sox playoff roster. I guess I will save these for next year cuz that’s when the Red Sox will be playing again! Ha! Go Angels! Troll out.


  1. Don't you mean NO Angels!! I'm hoping the Yanks/Angels play to a tie...due to a lack of interest.

  2. Brian, I despise the Yanks so they must lose! I don't like rooting for West Coast teams, but Torii Hunter was a fav of mine from his days with the Twinkies, Chone Figgins is awesome and since they stole Kazmir from the Rays and he is still one of my fav players, I am backing the Angels for now...