Monday, October 26, 2009

Trading With Hey Thats Mine!!!

Well, I went pretty much the entire weekend without even turning my computer on never mind posting anything. I feel crazy out of touch with the blog-o-sphere and I am going blog by blog to try and catch up on what I missed. I am so far behind on posting everything, I pre-write all of my posts in a notebook and I have two notebooks full of stories that I need to transfer one of these days. The trades keep on rolling in and I remain incredibly behind. I don’t think I have put up a single post about the playoffs either. When the Rays missed the postseason I jumped on the Twins bandwagon, when the Yankees rolled over them I hopped on the LA bandwagon and now that the Dodgers and Angels are both done, I just don’t care. I can promise however that I won’t be jumping on another bandwagon for the World Series. I am back to being a Rays fan 100% and I am counting the days until pitchers and catchers report. For those of you who are curious, our party was a success beyond comprehension! I didn’t realize that I even knew 100 people, but more folks than that came out (in costume) for our little shindig. Since my camera is one of my means of income, it stayed safely stowed in my bedroom, so I will wait until someone else sends me some pics to post about the party… I know I need to post, but I really don’t have any idea where to begin. So many cards, so many cards! The last blog I looked at was My Past Time, I Love It! and Wicked Ortega had posted a trade that he received from Big D over at so I am gonna be a copy cat and post my trade, too. He sent an envelope chock full of Rays from the past and present. He included names like Cantu, Baldelli, Kazmir, Delmon Young, Shawn Riggans, BJ Upton, Dewon Brazelton, Akinori Iwamura and Jose Cruz Jr. More importantly he included some Carl Crawford cards, including 4 of them that are brand new to me! 2005 Leaf, card #187. 2003 Upper Deck, card #118, 2005 Fleer Ultra, card #16 and Donruss World Series ’04, card #WS-163. The last card in that bunch doesn’t make sense to me. The Devil Rays were nowhere near the World Series in 2004, why would CC have a card in a WS set? Oh well, no matter, it’s a new card that I didn’t have of my favorite player, so I won’t question it too much. I know I have been promising this for a long time, but I am seriously working on making a list of all of the Carl Crawford cards that I have, I promise it will be done before this year is over. Okay, that’s it. This is just a sampling of all of the goodness that he sent my way. This is our first time trading and it always feels great to pull off a trade with another blogger for the first time, because you know inevitably that you will trade again! If you haven’t checked out Big D’s blog yet, head on over- he collects Kurt Suzuki and cards of catchers in full gear and his son collects Alfonso Soriano amongst other things. Thanks again for the great cards Big D! New traders, get in touch-bacontowne at yahoo dot com. Go Rays! Troll out.


  1. I just got a McGriff WS card from Crawford too, and I was just as confused. The ultra weird part is that McGriff has a 1995 World Series card in the same set. So he has two cards...and I don't know why.

  2. damn copy-cat!! lol

  3. I found a bunch of those World Series cards at a show a couple of weeks ago and pulled a bunch of different players for various bloggers. I didn't really get the connection myself, but I hadn't seen them before and was hoping the rest of you hadn't either. Glad you liked them.