Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nieman Notches First Career Shutout

The Rays pounded the Royals at the Trop tonight, winning 9-0. Everyone on the team got in on the offense, but Jeff Nieman was the real story tonight. He pitched the first complete game of his career and it was a gem. The 6'9" righty from Rice needed only 100 pitches to go the distance. He threw 69 of them for strikes, which resulted in 9 strike outs. He allowed 1 walk and two singles. His fastball was buzzing in between 93-95 and his curve and slider were live, but stayed in the zone. With Kazmir on the disabled list, the Rays needed everyone to step it up and Nieman has. This is his 5th victory of the year, against 4 losses. He lowered his ERA to 3.77. Shutouts have become so rare in this generation of pitch counts, set-up guys and closers. I admire any guy who can throw a full nine innings, its throwback stuff, I love it! If you can pitch 9 and stay on top of your game the whole time AND come out with a win, all the better. Great job Jeff!!! Lets go for two in a row...

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