Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rays Are Rockin' The Trop!!!

I have been sitting in front of the computer since I got home from work, desperately trying to finish up my blog, which is focused on events which occurred this weekend. I didn't wanna be out of touch, so I have the game on TV. The Rays are making it VERY hard to finish my story. They will not let up with the offense, the base running, the defense or the awesome pitching.
Jeff Nieman took a no-hitter into the 5th, facing the minimum for the first 4 innings, striking out 5 over that span.
Dioneer Navaro just smacked one out.Ben Zobrist ended the 4th inning hitting his second grand slam of the year! Holy cow Ben. Two grannies this year, your hitting over .300 and your slugging percentage is over .650. You have 32 RBIs. You've hit 3 pinch hit home runs. You've started at 5 different positions this year. Not too shabby for a utility guy who barely made the club out of spring training. I was seriously worried with Bartlett on the DL.
The Rays are up 9-0, I don't think that Jason Isringhausen could blow that lead, but I still can't stop watching and I really want to finish this story!!!
Nieman could throw a shutout. Crawford already has 3 hits and 2 steals. Zobrist could hit another one out. Can't you guys just get a boring win?
Go Rays!!! Weekend Update will be posted sometime tonight...
1. Thanks to everyone who has responded to help me with my Heritage sets. I still have a bunch of dupes, lets trade!!
2. If I ever finish my weekend post, I am going to steal a gimmick from the Orioles Card Of The Day blog...You guessed it, I am going to start doing a "Rays Card O The Day". I will not being posting everyday, because I only have about 200 Rays cards and I don't want to run out or have a different Carl Crawford card as the card of the day, everyday....
3. Go Rays!!!!

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