Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rays Card of the Day!

2009 Topps Willy Aybar card #567
This is the first card of the day by a current Rays player. I picked it for a few reasons. One, Aybar is having a great season, hitting .284 in 48 games with 6 homeruns and 24 runs batted in. Two, he has been a super utility man with starts at 3rd base, shortstop, 2nd base, first base and designated hitter. Third, he hit a walk-off sacrifice fly last night when the Tampa Bay Rays beat the Marlins in the bottom of the 10th inning. Fourth, the back of the card has a fun fact. It reads “on 9/17/08 Willy Aybar and Fernando Perez became the first switch-hitting teammates in at least 40 years to hit home runs righty against a right handed pitcher in the same game”. It’s kind of random, but still amazing. Fifth, he is an inspiration. While with the Braves, he battled through problems with drugs and drinking, after his trade to the Rays he cleaned up and found his star on the field. Sixth, I didn’t like this card at first glance because Derek Jeter had managed to get his face in the picture. Its bad enough his mug is on his own cards, I don’t like it when he sneaks into other peoples. At closer inspection, I decided this makes the card. If Jeter wasn’t so busy “mugging” for the camera, he may have been able to break up the double play that he is a part off. That’s why this is the card of the day. The Rays turning two is great, turning two against Jeter and the Yankees is awesome!
End Notes:
1. I will be in Fort Myers, Florida all day today as the Bradentucky Bombers are taking on the Fort Myers Derby Girls tonight!
2. I have more trades and pack breaks to post next week, as well as derby updates.
3. This will be Splatsy Kline's final bout with the Bombers
4. Many more 1987 Donruss team sets are still up for grabs. Get in touch before I change my mind!
5. Contest is coming next week, remember the requirements.


  1. Man, you're so right about Jeter on this card. I've gotta look for a copy.

    The other great thing with Aybar is that he's healthy. When he was in the Dodgers farm system he was absolutely snakebit. At some point I think he even broke a bone in his hand just swinging a bat.

    (What are the contest requirements?)