Thursday, September 3, 2009

The 5 For The Hall!

I have to say, I wasn’t thrilled with the way the voting went, but they have all been tallied up and I am ready to officially induct 5 new members in to cyber-Cooperstown. Of the 5 players I voted for, only one made it. We had 41 different people vote and only 1 player even got half the votes. A lot of the overlooked players from the 40s, 50s, 60s and seventies remain overlooked and no Negro League Players will get into the Blog-O-Fame. I would like to make y’all wonder a little bit more, but I am going to announce the top 5 in the voting. These are the guys that all of you want enshrined into the Blog-O-Sphere-Hall-of-Fame Class of 2009 and a half…
First, these are the 3 guys who got a lot of support, but it came too late. They are all left tied for 6th place with 14 votes a piece. In my opinion all 3 of these are 100% Hall-worthy, but Andre “Hawk” Dawson, Barry “Did He Have a Nickname?” Larkin and Tim “Rock” Raines will all have to wait until next year, close but no cigar…
Coming in tied for 4th place overall with 15 votes each are the spitter, Roberto Alomar and the Crime Dog Fred McGriff!
Tied for second place with 19 votes each are two guys whose only hope is the Blog Hall, they are Shoeless Jackson and Pete “Charlie Hustle” Rose. One I feel belongs there, the other I don’t know because not only have I never seen him play, and I don’t know anyone who has. From what I have read, the dude can hit, but it’s hard for me to back him without a visual or a trusted source…
That leaves one man; the top vote getter with a very impressive 22 votes (54%) is the Flying Dutchmen, Bert Blyleven. The guy is fifth All Time in strikeouts with 3,701; he’s 9th in shutouts and has 287 wins to go along with his two World Series rings. This guy belongs if anyone does!
There ya have it folks. This was our vote, this is our Hall.
Go Rays! Troll out.


  1. YESSSS Crime Dog! Definitely deserves it, and I also voted Bert (and maybe Shoeless..I don't remember).

    On a different note, I'm often disappointed with the results of my comments votes too. Sometimes GSNHOF voting is similar to what I voted, other times like 5 of the guys I voted for get eliminated and I question whether I have any taste/a sense of humor hahaha. Plus I always wish I could get 100 people, but unless I start popping up on fanhouse and deadspin..probably not going to happen.

    But anyways, YAY FRED!

  2. Is it sad that if we were actually the people responsible for voting for the hall of fame, that none of these guys would have gotten in?

  3. I have a hard time believing that 15 people even remember Roberto Alomar for anything other than spitting on opponents and umpires, let alone voting him into the blog-hall-o-fame.

    wow. does his family read this blog???

  4. Troll, good post. Maybe next year's voting will be more active.