Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Trade Bait!!!

More trade bait… I do have a lot more, but this will be my last trade bait post until after the baseball season is over. I do have more stuff, a lot of jersey cards from early 2000s. Jeff Bagwell, Roberto Alomar, Tom Glavine, Andruw Jones, Edgar Martinez… I also have a few Topps Updates Star Relics-Brian McCann, David Ortiz, George Sherrill...Just don’t have time to post them right now and I want to keep the blog free for breaking news and a lot of you know what I have and I got a few offers already for cards I have not yet posted, so I will keep this brief for now. I probably will keep these trade bait posts up through Friday. A few trades have been made and noted and a few are in talks, but the cards are still out there. Here is some more. I will be at work till midnight, so don’t get worried if I don’t reply right away. I do sneak time on the net while at work, though…
2001 Pacific Authentic Game Used Bat-Rickey Henderson *TAKEN* (Mariners!)-Card#158 2009 Upper Deck SPx Game Jersey Autograph-Fausto Carmona *TAKEN* -Card#GJA-FC 2006 Bowman Signs of the Future-Rickey Romero-Card#SOF-RR *TAKEN* (one of my favorites) 2009 Allen and Ginter Code Cards- *ALL TAKEN* #118 Scott Olsen, #129 Brian Giles, #134 Jered Weaver, #150 Prince Fielder, #182 Jose Reyes, #207 Jack Cust, #223 Scott Rolen and #267 Melvin Mora 2006 Bowman Heritage Game Used Bat Relic-Vladimir Guerrero-Card#PG-VG 2008 Upper Deck Spectrum Retrospectrum Swatches-Albert Pujols- *TAKEN* Card#RS-AP 2009 Upper Deck Series 1 UD Game Jersey-Joakim Soria-Card#GJ-SO(60/75)2007 Topps-Ted Williams .406 in 1941-Card #sTW6, TW12,TW18 2007 Upper Deck SPx Winning Materials Patch Card-Huston Street-Card#WM-HS (33/50) 2009 Topps Career Best Game Worn-Curtis Granderson-Card#CBR-CG 2009 Allen and Ginter Baseball Highlights Sketch Cards-Card#s AGHS6 Beckett *TAKEN* , AGHS7 Manny *TAKEN* , AGHS11 K-Rod, AGHS13 David Wright, AGHS14 Ichiro (2), AGHS18 Jeter and AGHS24 Marianno Rivera 2008 Upper Deck Spectrum Dual Swatches-Prince Fielder/Ryan Braun-Card *TAKEN* #SDS-FB Okay, make sure you read the post below this one for more cards and rules and stuff. Thanks for looking and make me an offer! Go Rays! Troll out.


  1. wow..maybe I have to go like buy some rays. The Soria..the Rickey...the Fausto..the Romero...all so good.

  2. I'll take the David Ortiz patch card please!!!

  3. Troll, I'd be interested in the Carmona. Let me know. You're cards should be getting there any day now.

  4. Troll here. I will be away from the computer for most of the day today. If there is a card you want, please e-mail me. Quick stat-the most asked about card by far is Joe Mauer jersey... Closet Full of Cardboard, Cards on Cards, Night Owl and Hamiltonian-all your packages are on the way. We should be even now. Texas Brian-got your package today and I owe you now... If anyone wants to pull off a 3-blogger trade to get JDs Daddy that Rickey Romero auto, make an offer...Troll out.