Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The '78 Topps Keep on Rollin' In!

Well, I can’t seem to get away from 1978 Topps… I love this set and I seem to be getting closer and closer every day… Thanks to reader and Rays fan Frank who sent along 47 more cards towards my quest, I am now only 21 cards away! Some of the new stuff for the binder includes:
A gang of Hall of Famers… A hair styling magnate… An emotional pugilist… Ben’s Dad… A very eager young pitcher… A super model turned ballplayer…(note the wind in his jacket) And Jose Cardenal in all of his glory… How’s that for a quick post? I have a ton of homework to get through and have to be to work in two hours. The 1978 Topps want list is current, up-to-date and even has names to go with the numbers now. Oh, as an end note-after the Night Owls comment the other day, I checked out more Play Ball card backs and it turns out that home runs aren’t as uncommon as I thought. Triples are though, but if you have Dave Winfield, you have gap power! Goin’ for three! Go Angels! Troll out.

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