Friday, October 30, 2009

Another Long Overdue Trade Post-B-Robs From Roll out the Barrel!!!

Yesterday I posted the Brian Roberts cards that Beardy had sent me, so today I will post the ones that Ed from Roll out the Barrel sent to me. I received both on the very same day (last month) but a coin flip decided which package would get posted first and Beardy won. Ed and I have swapped cards more than any other person in the world. I think we have done about 15 trades in less than 6 months. Every time I tell him that I am out of Brewers and I can’t trade anymore, more Brewers cards find me, they have a way of doing that. I actually have more un-posted cards from Ed, so getting these out of the way is a good thing, plus now that Roberts has his own spot in a new binder, I can’t wait to get these in there. This puts me over 27 cards and stretches the collection out onto a 4th page. When I posted the other B-Robs yesterday, I gushed about some of his stats, well, with the season over, they haven’t changed so I won’t repost his statistics, but I will say that this season, at 31 years old, he posted career highs in games, doubles, RBI and runs scored. Not too shabby. Anyway, for the sake of making this post quick so I can go to bed, here are my four favorite new B-Rob cards that traveled all the way from Wisconsin… I showed the 2009 version last night, here is the 2008-Upper Deck X card # 9. I really liked the Fleer Traditions card series. I like the little hat in the corner ala 1981 Topps and i like the action batting shot on this 2006 card, #116. Chrome makes every card look cooler including this 2008 Topps Chrome, card #89. Even though I have never bought a pack of this brand in my life, I do miss Flair. Those were some fancy and shiny cards. This one is from 2006, card #20. The last one is often the best and this is no exception. I posted my first B-Rob bat card yesterday; well this is my first B-Rob game worn jersey. It is from the 2009 A Piece of History set, it is card #FH-BR. It is actually the first Piece of History card that I have gotten that has a piece of anything on it, so that counts for something. The FH in the number stands for Franchise History and to celebrate that, the back of the card lists the team’s record the previous season. The Orioles didn’t have a great year this season, or in 2008. Something about seeing their 68-93 record all big and bold on the back of the card is both sad and funny to me. Thanks again Ed! You have come through again and again and again and I truly appreciate it! I am tracking down Brewers for you at this very moment. These cards are only half of what came in this particular trade, if you guessed that the other half was Rays cards, you would be correct and if you guessed that I will post them soon, you are once again correct! Thanks again for the trade, as always you rock! Go Rays! Go Roberts! Troll out.

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  1. Hey glad they got their OK and that you needed them.

    I know the feeling about being behind on posting trades...unfortunately, I am not very organized so some cards get put away before posting and I don't realize it until later.