Saturday, October 17, 2009

Have You Seen This Card???

If you have, would you mind putting it into an envelope and sending it my way? It is the Turk, card #HHB 5 from the 2009 Allen & Ginter World's Biggest Hoaxes, Hoodwinks and Bamboozles mini insert set. I used to have this card, I pulled it way back when. I still had the scan saved in my August 2009 scans folder. I don't know who I sent it to, but originally I wasn't chasing this set and now I am. It is a really fun subset, I think and this card is the only one standing in my way. I would like to do a full-set display post, like I did with the Highlights Sketch cards for this set, but I can't in good faith do this knowing that my set is incomplete... Anyone wanna help a blogger out? More posts coming tonight... troll out.