Friday, October 16, 2009

Greedy, Greedy Troll

Since the wonderful and fine folks in the blog-o-sphere did such a dandy job of taking care of my last two Magnificent Seven Most Wanted card lists, I thought that I would combine lists into one, making it the Fabulously Fine Fourteen Most Wanted Cards in Trollville…They are:
2008 Topps Heritage Frank Thomas, Card #469 1978 Topps Bill Lee, Card #295 2009 Allen and Ginter Akinori Iwamura, Card#222 2007 Topps Heritage Michael Young, Card#375
2008 Topps Heritage Oliver Perez, Card#691
2008 Topps Heritage Kenny Rogers, Card#704
2008 Topps Heritage Wilson Betemit, Card#707
2008 Topps Heritage Matt Joyce, Card#718 2007 Topps Heritage Howie Kendrick, Card#131
2007 Topps Heritage Chris Ray, Card#159
2007 Topps Heritage Derek Lowe, Card#194
2007 Topps Heritage Chris Duncan, Card#366
2007 Topps Heritage Ivan Rodriguez AS, Card#491
2008 Topps Heritage Evan Longoria Refractor Card#C220 I am running pretty low on cards to trade, but if you have any of these cards AND are willing to part with them, I am sure we can work something out. As always, any and all Tampa Bay Rays cards are welcome here-especially those depicting Jason Bartlett, Carl Crawford, Scott Kazmir, Jonny Gomes, Carlos Pena and Willy Aybar! I like 2009 Heritage Short Prints, too, but I need 30+ of those and this is just a 14 card list. I have made progress on all of these sets, though and I will post said progress soon. Thanks for looking and you can e-mail me at: bacontowne at yahooooo dot com. Troll out.

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  1. Troll, sorry I don't have any of the cards on your list. I checked the 09 Heritage too...