Friday, November 6, 2009

A Carl Crawford Festival of Awesome!

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you are trying to avoid accomplishing something else! What I should be doing is working on the 14 essays that I have due on Monday morning, but what I am doing instead is getting my collection super organized and making trading smoother and easier. First, I sorted through 100s of saved e-mails and pulled everyone’s address that I have to create a trader’s database. It is sorted by team and has nearly everyone that I have traded with over the past 6 months. What I also did was totally sort through all of my Carl Crawford cards, update the web page and sort out all of my doubles and start putting the whole thing into its own separate binder organized by year. All of my other player pages are random, but I have about 6 times as many Crawford cards, so I wanna try and keep it organized. That said, the web page wasn’t too much work to put together and it has paid off HUGE! When I first posted it two weeks ago, I had 129 CC cards and now I am up, wait for it…
188! Yep, I know have 188 different CC cards ready to go in the new CC binder. By the way, thanks for the advice Adam and Owl… I always use the team set bags over screw downs, I hate when they get scratched up and it just seems classy. Anyway, readers and bloggers alike have been uber-generous and I truly appreciate it. When I first posted the page I didn’t have any CC cards from 2001 at all and I just got my first! It is a 2001 Bowman Chrome, card #231. I now have at least 1 card from every year and a total of 188. My goal was 200, but I might have to raise it. I am going to show some of the highlights of what readers have sent in during the last two weeks-I am still behind, of course, on my trading posts. I owe a couple of posts each to Mike from JDs Wild and Alfredo from My Past Time, I Love It! and I also got big packs from Cards on Cards and Bud from First Day Issue that I need to post. I have also been sorting through my older Topps cards and I have already filled some want lists, but I am totally ready to take on anything from 1974-1983, so bring it on! Oh, and yes, Tom Terrific is on the trade block… I am done with my 1976, 1978, 1980, 1982, 1991 and 1996 sets and am now focusing on finishing up all my undone Heritage sets, plus 1979, 2007-2009 Topps and 2008 Allen Ginter. There is less than 2 months left in the year and I am broke like a joke, but I really wanna put all these sets to bed before the year is up. After that I want to dive into my favorite set of all-time, 1965 Topps. Okay, onto the new and awesome Carl Crawford card highlights. I will start with a 2006 Topps Turkey Red, card #152. A lot of people try and fill these sets, but I am pretty satisfied with plucking the Rays when I can. Next, from the 2005 Topps Cracker Jack-when I first saw this I thought it was a mini and I though that was pretty cool, but it’s a sticker! That makes it awesome. This is one of the dullest looking refractors I have ever seen, I wouldn’t know it was a refractor if it didn’t say it below the number, from the 2008 Topps Chrome, card #86, serial numbered to 599. Now, a refractor that looks like a refractor should! From 2009 Topps Finest, card #78, a Carl Crawford REFRACTOR!!! I love refractors, it is somewhat of an obsession, I just love them and I think they really make every blog better. I had a few 2002 cards, but not many and not this one, from the Fleer Tradition Diamond Debuts, card U12. I didn’t have any 2008 Bowman CC cards at all, but this week I got them all covered including the Chrome version, card #20 and the sweet blue parallel, card #21, serial numbered to 500. Back to Finest for a four more gems and then I need to do some studying, or at least go to the Post Office before work… From 2003, the oldest Finest CC I own, card #33. I have nothing against the #8, but I am really glad that CC switched over to #13-#8 suits JB better anyway. This is from 2006, Topps Finest card #127. I always like reading the Finest Moment on the back and this one is pretty cool… On May 25, 2005 Crawford became the first player to hit a homerun and a triple in the 1st inning of a game. He led off the game with a triple and added a two-run homerun when they batted around. The Rays dropped 10 runs in that 1st inning and went on to beat Oakland 14-6. Okay, I think I will end this with a couple of refractors. These didn’t scan as well as I had hoped, but trust me, they are awesome! First is a 2005 Finest, card #20, serial numbered 001 of 399. The last card is the same shot, but it looks even better as a BLUE REFRACTOR, card #20, serial number 128/299. To everyone who has hooked me up with Crawfords these past few weeks it is really appreciated! I love this hobby and I love chasing cards of my favorite players. If you have any Craw cards laying around, please check my list and let's make a deal! If there are any other CC or Rays collectors out there, get in touch, I have a growing pile of doubles! bacontowne at yahoo dot yadda yadda yadda... Oh, the card at the top corner of the post is a 2003 Upper Deck Ovation-UD got miles of use out of this photo, I have about 10 cards with it from 3 different years...Thanks to all, happy collecting, Go Rays! Troll out.


  1. hey! whoa! I stopped reading at the '76 Tom Seaver... put me down for it... I'll come up with something to send your way.
    I'm gonna finish this effin set if/when it kills me.

    Now 'scuse me while I go back and read the rest.

  2. Wow, Captain, I can finally send you something you need!! Did ya get that '78 list together for me yet? I do have a few other 76s too and I just got a neat Chipper related product today that I will post up after work, so stay tuned!