Monday, November 30, 2009

Hello 50 GRAND!!!

Greetings Blog-O-Sphere!!! I just finished class and walked over to the computer lab (the secret spot where BlogSpot isn’t blocked by the school’s firewall) and I called up my little blog to see it standing at 50,001 hits!!! Thanks to any and all of you who have checked my little page out over the past 6 months. I never thought I would reach a milestone like this, I swear I still wonder if anyone reads this ever. Whether anyone reads it or not, people are clicking on it and all the amazing traders out there are trading with me, so it is serving its purpose. Anyway, my lack of a proper computer has made me nervous and I nearly quit, but I received so much support from other bloggers and all of my trading buddies that I decided not to give up, rather to go harder than ever and start by offering a contest to celebrate this personal milestone. I’ve had to work a little bit harder, be a little more focused and get comfortable outside of the house, but its been working so far. I am a little slow and six months later I am not much savvier with BlogSpot than I was when I began, but I am learning little tricks. I figured out how to schedule posts. On Saturday I spent close to 12 hours locked up in my Dad’s home office with a box of cards. I was able to hammer out 7 posts and schedule them to cover almost every day this week. Justin suggested to me (via email) that I check out Black Friday deals on computers. This was a pretty great idea and I did and found a 4 Gig laptop at Best Buy for under 400 bucks. I don’t really have anywhere near 400 bucks, but it gives me a goal and something to reach for. I think we dropped over a thousand on our last computer, so I was imagining having to pay that much again. I got a phone call today from work and I have been put on Wednesday night’s (which had been one of my night’s off) to work permanently. Wednesday is a really busy night and one of the longest nights (and best money) shifts, so I am pretty excited. I couldn’t save any money working 5 days a week, but I was getting by. I plan on stashing away everything that I make on Wednesdays as my computer fund. Anyway, I am babbling, but I am excited about the good work news, the blogging milestone and basically everything that is going on in the Blog-O-Sphere right now. I mentioned before that I won’t be buying any new product now or throughout 2010. Until I get a computer, scanner, new digital tape recorder and a better telephoto lens (which could take all year) I won’t ripping any wax at all. I do love trading with everyone, but I have to set my priorities and draw the line somewhere. One place that I didn’t draw the line was buying up prizes for my 50,000 hit contest. I have (at home) one copy each of the following: 1980 Topps Rickey Henderson, 1985 Topps Mark McGwire, 1982 Topps Cal Ripken, 1984 Topps Don Mattingly, 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. and 1986 Topps Traded Barry Bonds. Whichever card is voted the winner will be the grand prize. If I can get 100 of my friends in the blog-o-sphere to play along and enter the contest, I will give out other cards, too. It’s an easy contest to enter. Follow the blog, choose what you think is the most iconic rookie (baseball) card of the 1980’s and leave a comment on this post or the original one. I will run the voting until I stumble into hit #51,000 and after that I will randomize all of the entrants and chose a winner, or perhaps 4 winners. PLEASE, please, please help a Troll out and enter the contest, vote for your favorite rookie card and make this a great contest! On a different note I have some cool posts in the works. I have more “Card-A-Day” posts that are pretty fun, I have an in-depth look at the 1974 Topps Traded set, plus a player by player profile of everyone on the 2010 Hall of Fame ballot, plus a couple of trade posts. I am having car issues (again) and am riding my BMX bike to school and work for now, so I haven’t checked the post office in a few days. I hope by the time I get there it is overflowing with goodness. Anyway, congratulations to the Collective Troll, seems like someone is actually reading it! PLEASE vote for the contest-at present there are only 19 entrants so the odds are in your favor! Thanks to everyone for their support. The Blog-O-Sphere rocks! Troll out.


  1. So many blog entries, so little paragraphs or indentation.

  2. congratulations on 50,001 hits. I'm glad the finances are coming around. I know how it is to save up for stuff, especially telephoto lenses. I don't know if I have the discipline to give up card collecting all together though. computers get cheaper all the time, so maybe it'll be an even better deal once you figure out what you want.