Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Is This A Tradepost? No, It's Just the Troll Being Greedy!!!

Greetings! I think this makes 3 posts in one day after being gone for a week. The more things change, the more they stay the same… I am actually posting from home-thanks to Allison for coming by with her laptop! I really wanted to type out my Tampa Bay Rays team set needs and I was able to do just that today! This weekend I got a package from Justin at Is This a Wasteland… and he knows of my quest for total Rays cardboard completion and he has sent me probably over half of the cards I have in my team set binder. Up till this package I didn’t have a single card from the 2001 Topps set-I was weak in a few areas, but that was the worst. I actually had 3 different gold cards and not a single base from that set. I didn’t want to put up a want list having nothing for the ’01 set, but thanks to Justin I have a page full and that gave me the necessary motivation to get things rolling.
Anyway, I have been feverishly typing away on this teeny tiny little keyboard and my Topps want lists are all typed up and ready to go! I was able to finish the 2004 and 2009 (Thanks to Mike at JD Wild!) Topps team sets and I am really close on some of the others. For instance in 2007, I have the base team set, but I am missing quite a few of the Updates and Highlights cards. Anyway, here it is, peruse away and get in touch if you can help! The link will remain in the sidebar of the blog under Rays Collection. I couldn’t scan anything for this post, but was able to steal an image of these Randy Winn and Ben Grieve cards which were included in Justin’s trade. Thanks so much for all of the rad Rays cards and the bonus Pena’s too! You rock my friend, I really look forward to finally meeting you soon, and I will buy ya a beer at Fergs! Okay, if you have any cards at all from this list, PLEASE shoot me an e-mail at bacontowne at yahoooo dot etcetera. I will respond as soon as I can get to a computer. Also, if you have any Rays Topps Gold cards from any year-get in touch. I have about 15 golds from the 2009 Updates set, a bunch of stars, too. Okay, that’s it, thanks again to Justin and thanks to the entire Blog-O-Sphere, I have missed you all so much!!! I will end with a question regarding the Secret Santa deal that Sarah is running. I purchased all the cards for my recipient and have them all here wrapped up. I was going to wait a week or so to get them in the mail, BUT I was checking out my recipient’s blog and he has traded for several of the cards that I had already got him. Are we supposed to wait until Christmas to send and open these packages? Just curious, I am a little lost on the details of this. Anyway, it feels great to be back here, and it feels really good to get my binders out and make lists that I should have made months ago! Oh, and by the way, my Carl Crawford list is up-to-date, still need 6 more cards to reach my goal! Oh again... I have heard that 2009 Heritage High Numbers in live now. Still need another 35 cards to finish off the base set and I had already sworn to not buy any more wax, AHH!!! Anyway, if you rip and get doubles, please save them for a Troll, okay? Another one more thing... The 50,000 hit contest will be on. The question I have is should I start it this week to lead up to 50,000 OR should I wait till I get to 50,000 and then start it? Go Rays! Troll out.

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  1. I think we were just supposed to send 'em whenever, and the person is supposed wait to open them till Christmas, but I guess it doesn't matter either way.