Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthdays!!!

Two amazing bloggers came into the world on this day (April 25th) and I wanted to send out some blog-o-spher birthday love to both of them . They share their birthday with some pretty good company, beginning with former Negro Leaguer and Hall of Famer shortstop and coach, John Henry "Pop" Lloyd. Also born on this date are baseball players Brad Clontz, Jacque Jones, Travis Fryman, Darren Holmes and Tony Phillips. NBA stars past and present, including Tim Duncan, Walt Wesley and Mark Bryant. A couple of NFL stars share their birthday including All Pro safety Darren Woodson, Steve Tovar, Corwin Brown, Percell Gaskins, Eric England and Twan Russell. I even found a couple of hockey players who share their birthday including Libor Prochazka and Alek Stojanov. Aside from athletes, they also share their birthday with a bunch of great actors. Former skateboarder and star of "My Name is Earl" and "Almost Famous" Jason Lee as well as Hank Azaria of the Simpsons. Actress Renee Zellweger was born today as was Scarface Al Pacino. One of my role models, Edward R. Murrow was also born on this date. It was a pretty big day for musicians, too. Stu Cook, the bass player for Creedence Clearwater Revival was born today as was Elvis Presley's mom, Gladys Presley. Bluesman Albert King came into this world today as did LEGENDARY jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald. Most importantly, today, two good friends, traders, sports fans, authors, peers and all around great guys were born. Please take the time to drop by Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius to wish Matt F. Happy Birthday and then hit up My Past Time I Love It! to wish Wicked Ortega a Happy Birthday!!! Feliz Cumpleanos Amigos! I normally reserve birthday posts for my wife and my boys, but how often do two different, completely awesome bloggers celebrate a birthday on the same day? Not too often... Happy Birthday Matt and Alfredo!!! We are ALL lined up waiting to wish both of you a super happy birthday! Oh, I got a call from Ms. Shannon Stewart and she asked me to send some birthday love to both of you... You guys rock! Go Rays! troll out.


  1. I'm a few hours late....but happy birthday to Matt and Wicked....(no birthday wishes for Duncan since the Mavs are down 3-1).