Saturday, April 17, 2010

One Step Closer...

It has been a want-listy kind of weekend for me so far. My wife had a 40-page thesis that was due at 8:00AM today. She had to be to work at 7:30 and pulled an all-nighter. She did finish her paper and it was brilliant. At least it seemed brilliant because when it was done and she went to work I got to sneak a nap... Anyway, while she was writing I spent my time staying out of her way and sorting cards in the guest bed room. We are screwed if we have a guest, but I did get some stuff organized, got more cards into binders and also got together 5 blogger-kindness packages that will ship on Monday...I also opened some mail that was piling up. I recieved an envelope from custom card manufacturer and super blogger Sean from Condition Poor. A one card deal. It was one card that I really needed, so I was psyched. The card was #LL-18 from the Legendary Lineage insert set of 2010 Topps. It is of Gary Carter and David Wright, both shown as New York Mets. I watched a TON of Mets games on WWOR as a kid with my Mom and Gary Carter was her favorite player. She LOVED Gary Carter. Therefore this card is pretty cool by me. This card brings me one away from finishing this set. If ya have LL-17, get in touch! I have dupes of LL #s 21,23,27,29 and 30. Thanks so much for this card Sean! I read that you are on vacation in my neck of the woods. Give a brother a call! Thanks again to Condition Poor. My 2010 Topps want list is here if you are so inclined. Go Rays! Troll out.

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