Thursday, September 30, 2010

Trade Post Teaser...

This week I received a giant padded mailer from everyone’s favorite Padres fan, Rod from the Padrographs blog. I am no stranger to the awesome stuff that Rod has in his collection, but I am also well aware of his propensity to BIP. For fear of THIS occurring again, I am going to post what he sent quickly… Maybe not today, but soon. I will say that Rod earned HUGE POINTS by including a gift for the Wife, the Legendary Esther Gin N Juice. He sent along this book by skater Joan of Dark titled “Knock Down Knits”. I had to post a stock photo because Esther has hijacked the copy that Rod sent to Florida… So I mentioned that Rod has been known to Bip, right? I will reveal no further details about this package other than this photo… Thanks Rod!!!
Stay tuned to the Troll. Go Rays! Troll out.


  1. 1991 WCW IMPEL'D!

    Sort of like Impaled...only with more 90's-ness.

  2. That was just packing material. I should have shredded it first though. Hope you liked the rest of the stuff.