Sunday, May 30, 2010

From the Wicked Vault...

Here is another one-card post from your friend the Troll. Another Rays pitcher, but this time a starter turned reliever. Sonnanstine has been responding well to his new role. Sparing a rough outing in New York where he was shelled for 4 runs on May 19th, he has been stellar in relief. His last two outings have spanned 4 shutout innings. Obviously I would prefer to see him back to his form in 2008 when he won 13 games as a starter, but I am happy that he remains on the team and he is doing well in his new role. Middle and long relief has long been a weak point for Tampa Bay and Sonnanstine has the ability to burn up a lot of innings. He is 1-0 so far this season with a 3.43 ERA and 13 Ks in 15 appearances spanning 21 innings. Opponents are batting .232 off of him this year. This card comes from the Wicked Vault and came to me recently from My Past Time…I Love It!. It is from 2007 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Beginnings Signature Series and shows Sonnanstine in spring training 2006 on the front with an ON-CARD blue sharpie signature on the bottom. There is also a plastic miniature batting helmet embedded on the card. I think that is a bit goofy, but I am not complaining. I really like this card! This is the third Sonny autograph to come my way from South Florida and the 9th total in my collection. If this card wasn’t ¼ inch thick, I could fill a binder page full of Sonnanstine autographs. This card, however, is far too thick to fit into a binder page. Thanks so much for this and all of the great stuff you have sent to me Wicked! Hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day Weekend. This was a "scheduled post" but I just read on My Past Time, I Love It! that our friend and fellow blogger suffered a flood in his home this weekend. It took out more than half of his collection, plus baby pictures and many belongings. Stop by to show him some love and support. We are here for you homie!!! Go Rays! Troll out.


  1. It is goofy that they have a batting helmet on a pitcher's card. You've got the Sonnastine auto market cornered. That sucks what happened to Wicked.

  2. The Helmet's a bit of foreshadowing I believe. haha