Saturday, May 29, 2010

Oh No, Not Another Trade Post!!!

This post is meant to accomplish a few things. First I wanted to welcome a new (sort of) blogger to the Blog-O-Sphere Family. His name is Ryan and he is a fan and collector of all things Baltimore Orioles. Now there are already quite a few Orioles blogs out there and there are 3 of them that I can think of which are run by people named Ryan (first OR last name) so his blog title is super appropriate. It is called Oh No, Another Orioles Blog. I suppose he isn’t THAT new. He already has 22 posts AND 22 followers to his credit, but I am ALWAYS late, so naturally I am late on the welcome wagon. Anyway, a big blog-o-sphere welcome to ANOTHER Orioles blogger named Ryan. Okay, purpose number 2. Ryan and I made a trade and I wanted to post it. Actually Ryan sent me some cards and I owe him some, but I want to get these in the binder and off the desk, so here they are. I will start with some Topps cards he sent of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Enter purpose #3-to pimp my want lists. You can find my Rays Team Set list right HERE. Ryan found it and knocked a few cards off of it which is always appreciated. This brought me down to needing just 13 more cards for total Topps/D-Rays domination from 1997 to present. Of course that number will rise now that 2010 Topps Series 2 is out and I don’t have any of those YET, but anyway… I have mentioned that 2003 Topps is one of my favorites; I now need just one more card to finish that off. I barely remember Lee Stevens playing for the Devil Rays, but THAT’S BECAUSE HE NEVER PLAYED FOR THE DEVIL RAYS!!! His last game in the big leagues was in September of 2002 and he was with Cleveland. He did play in 18 games for the Indianapolis Indians (AAA) in 2003 before officially retiring, but those Indians are a Brewers affiliate. Maybe he got a non roster to spring training with Tampa Bay in 2003? Who knows? Anyway, Topps gave him a card, #541 in their set and I needed it and now I have it. Another name I can knock off my list is from 2005 Topps Updates, a Futures Game card of Delmon Young. I don’t know why or how I still need so many cards from ’05 Topps, it seems like I have 100s of dupes, but I still need 4 more cards. Huh. Of course the fourth and final purpose is to show off some SWEET Carl Crawford cards! Along with the team set cards he sent me some fresh new Carl Crawford’s for my growing collection. Shown here is a really dark scan of card #199 from 2000 Bowman. He included a few other CC Bowmans from the past few years that I might need as well. I have my box of CC cards next to my bed and I swear I am going to sort it soon! The thing about this package that I was most excited about was the 2010 Bowman stuff he sent. People are going apesh…t over this stuff. Mainly because Stephen Strasburg cards are selling for more money than a three bedroom fixer upper does in my neighborhood. For that reason I probably won’t buy any 2010 Bowman myself, but I am super fascinated by this product. I have seen most of the Rays cards on the ‘Bay, but now I own a few of them. I really like this shot of CC sliding in safe at home in Florida against the Fish. I think that was from the same series where both Aki and Bartlett were injured last year. Anyway, I have admired this one from a far. With so many people trying to pull a million dollar Strasburg card they are peddling the other “hits” from this set for next to nothing. As SS has yet to throw a pitch in the big leagues CC is a proven All Star and you can find his cards very cheap. I am on a mission to collect one of EVERY single 2010 Bowman there is of Crawford. This includes the one of ones, printing plates, EVERYTHING! I know that sounds a bit crazy especially considering that Ryan sent me the three coolest cards in the set already, but I never claimed to be a sane collector. I really like this Bowman throwback of CC styled after 1992. I never ripped a single pack of that either, but people went crazy after that as well. I did not like the rookie cards of guys in street clothes. Didn’t like them then, still don’t. I honestly don’t own a single 1992 Bowman card, but still I think this one; card #BT24 is super rad! The last CC from 2010 Bowman is super rad as well. It is card #BE 14 from the Bowman Expectations set and has CC on one side and the centerfielder of the future Desmond Jennings on the flip side. I think DJ is going to do big things in Tampa Bay, probably starting next year. He rounded out the 2010 Bowman fest with a couple of Rays starters who have a shot at being first time All Stars. I like the Price, the Garza is bland. I need to find a checklist to see who else I need. The last card I will show is probably my least favorite. I HATE variation backs; I am with the Night Owl on this one. Just don’t like em. As a super player collector I have to deal with them though and I can now scratch 2007 Topps Red Back off of my CC needs list. Thanks for all the great cards Ryan!!! There will be Orioles a plenty heading your way soon!!! As a trader he officially has the Troll Stamp of Approval, so go check out his blog RIGHT NOW!!! Now, if you have 2010 Bowman cards of Crawford or any Rays, get in touch and let’s make a deal! I despise printing plate 1 of 1s, but for some reason I want them all... I love this game, I love this hobby, and I love TRADING! Go Rays! Troll out.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words! I'm really glad you enjoyed your package. I am also on a mission to collect all variations of a particular Oriole in 2010 Bowman. Look for that in the near future over at my blog!