Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Afternoon Odds and Ends...

Okay, here are a few Thursday afternoon odds and ends from the Troll… First off I need to do my civic duty as a blogger and pimp the fantastic contest over at Hey That’s Mine! Hosted by blogger and card creator Big D. You can check out the contest HERE, but I will give you a quick synopsis. Big D makes custom one of a kind cards. I am really lucky that I own two of these already, including this one of super-lefty David Price who is finally having the season that he was supposed to have last year. Since Big D made me two one of a kind cards AND since it isn't completely out of the question that Price and Longoria could win Cy Young and MVP Awards this year, I am posting my other Big D custom card of Longo. These are NOT up for trade... Okay, to enter the contest you simply have to comment with your name and which player you would like to have a custom card of. The possibilities are endless, but you do have to supply Big D with an image. Okay, go there and enter the contest, tell him the Troll sent you, yadda yadda yadda… While I am pimping links I want to encourage you to check out a Pack to be Named Later. I just posted a pack that you can find HERE.
You should follow it and check it out daily though. If you are involved in the long overdue Collective Troll box and pack break, you should definitely check it out to see what you are getting. I will post the list soon of who has what team. For those of you who read this post on 1993 Donruss Masters-I got curious and opened 3 more packs.
The first two yielded Jose Canseco and Gary Sheffield, but I got this sweet Ryno in the third pack. Okay, I have been very lucky in the getting great stuff in the mail department lately so I have a TON of great cards to post. I am also buying cards here and there for my personal collections of Danny Tartabull, Jared Sandberg and Buck O’Neil. My newest one is this 1995 Pinnacle Museum Collection card of Danny Tartabull. The Yankees uniform nearly ruins it, but I really like Dufex cards, so I am happy with it. Plus I got it, shipping included for $1.25. Sweet. For those of you following my progress with collecting the 1965 Topps set I have restarted that journey after losing it all. I finished my first page today thanks to my local card shop, my awesome readers and a few really cheap auctions, here it is: With card #25 or 72 I can finish off two more pages. Right now I am working on 10 pages at a time so I am focused on cards #1-90; I am 65% of the way there. My weakest spot is League Leaders 1-9 right now cuz these can be a bit pricy. That’s all for now, I am gonna try and pull off a Nitty Gritty post in the 15 minutes I have before work. Thanks for reading. Check out Big D’s Custom Contest. Go Rays! Troll out.

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