Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Joy of a (Colorful) Completed Page

I am off to the rink to MC tonight's bout and watch the Bradentucky Bombers’ Nuclear Bombshells destroy the Sarasota Roller Girls. I wanted to post something, so here is my most vibrantly colorful completed page ever. All of these are SlangKo Sportscards and I love ‘em all and want more! Thanks so much Sean! I want to get this signed, but I am scared to send them away cuz they are SO cool. Go Rays! Go Bombshells! Troll out.


  1. Great looking page. I need to get my shades for all the bright colors.

  2. Damn! I was going to say how much I loved that Niekro and was about to go to sprtlots to get me one.... but I guess that ends that, don't it?

  3. lol @ the Cap..... That cool weather must be gettig to him.....