Thursday, October 28, 2010

2010 Upper Deck Portraits - Thinking Bout Chasing This One...

So yesterday I was pressed for time and posted up a couple of cards from the Portraits inserts set from 2010 Upper Deck. I am the kind of guy who as soon as I get more than a couple of cards from an insert set, I start thinking I can collect it. I have mixed feelings about the look of this set. Some cards are great, others... Not so much. I think basically I just want something special to remind me of the year that Topps had a monopoly on the hobby I love. When I made that decision I didn't have a card number higher than 30 - I didn't realize that there were 100 cards in the set. As of yesterday I wasn't sure if I was going to actively chase this, but since I actually got a comment, I will take Rhubarb Rhunners advice and go for it. I have 20 cards now, so I am 20% complete, but I still need 80% more. Long road...

I am guessing that most of you have 1 or 2 of these laying around, so I am going to ask my fellow bloggers and readers to send me your unwanted 2010 Upper Deck Portrait cards. Stuff 'em in a plain white envelope, slap a stamp on it and send them to Trollville.

I can probably make it worth your while... Anyway, I put together a NEEDS LIST, check it out here. My cards still are all over the place, but I am impressed with myself having so many want lists up... I feel like Nachos Grande, all organized! Anyway, here are a few more of the 20 cards I have. I should mention that I ripped one pack of 2010 Upper Deck - purely out of morbid curiousity. I had to see how bad an unlicensed product would look. Well, it looked bad enough that I wasn't willing to plunk down 3 bucks a pack for it. I may or may not have the Rays team set finished - many of you have hooked me up, but they are not exactly all in the same place. I know all my Portraits are together. I will show a few cards and put it out there once more - if anyone else is already chasing this, I don't want to step on your toes. You can figure out what I have by reversing my want list. Shoot me an e-mail and make me an offer for my 20 cards. If that doesn't happen, then the chase is on! Thanks to everyone who has sent me cards already. I truly appreciate the extreme generosity of the blog-o-sphere. Y'all rock! I sprinkled a few images throughout the post. Find my want list here.

I will end this post with card #SE-9 of Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett. The former 20 game winner and World Series Champ had an off year in 2010. I would say that I barely recognized him on the mound. I have to say he just aint looking like the Josh Beckett of old. On that note, the troll is out. Come on Rangers! Its bounce back time baby! Go Ra(y)ngers! troll out.


  1. Josh Beckett batting....this is really the best that Upper Deck could come up with?

  2. I think i have a couple for you... like 10 or something like that.