Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rays Versus Rangers, PAYBACK!!! A Cardboard Tribute to MY Team!

The game starts VERY soon. After yesterdays pathetic showing against Cliff Lee (hats off to you Mr. Lee) today is a MUST WIN for Tampa Bay. As a fan, I blame myself. Maybe the Rays lost because they didn't get their normal support from this card fan blog. I am not going to recap yesterday, I would much rather forget it. I want to start fresh today and see the Rays jump on CJ Wilson early! As a fan I have to put my trust in Joe Maddon, our fearless leader. I didn't like the looks of the line-up yesterday with two sub-Mendoza-line bats in the starting lineup. Today, for a second day in a row Maddon is giving the start behind the plate to Kelly Shoppach. It seems silly to me, but Maddon is a genius beyond my level of comprehension. I REALLY hope it works out Joe! Willy Aybar has been activated for the rest of this series and Rocco Baldeli has been deactivated for health issues. Seeing Rocco up with 2-outs and the bases loaded yesterday was riveting. He is one of the most popular Rays EVER and I wanted him to be a hero SO BADLY. I am glad he got a start in front of the home crowd though... Okay Rays, lets get pumped! Here is a favorite card of mine of each of the 10 guys getting the start and the chance to even the score... Here they are-a 10-card tribute to the starting line-up for the Rays...Here's the Rays' lineup for Game 2:
1. Jason Bartlett, shortstop (You need to set the table JB, come on!)
2. B.J. Upton, center field (Smooth as silk, thanks so much Wicked!)
3. Carl Crawford, left field (CC for MVP - of the ALDS!)
4. Evan Longoria, third base (A one of a kind card of the games best third baseman, do what you can do Longo! Happy 25th Birthday, lets celebrate!)
5. Ben Zobrist, first base (Zorilla hit his first playoff homer as a right fielder, now he gets his first start at first base...Looking for even more power!)
6. Willy Aybar, designated hitter (All you need to do is HIT Willy!)
7. Kelly Shoppach, catcher (Prove Joe Maddon is a genius Shoppach!)
8. Sean Rodriguez, second base
9. Desmond Jennings, right field (Des J gets his first playoff start and I am EXCITED!)
and on the hill it's Big Game James. Lets do it boys!!! I really hope the scene in a few hours looks more like this and less like this... Brian and Spiff - you boys want to get a bet going? I am in, even though we spotted you guys one... Thanks for checking out my cardboard tribute to the starting 10, I am behind you guys, LETS DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! First pitch in 10 minutes...Get it done for the SOLD OUT crowd. By the by, best of luck to the Twins tonight, beat them freaking Yankees! GO RAYS!!! Troll out.


  1. First pitch is a strike!!! Come on Brian, Spiff and all you Texans, let the trash talking commence!

  2. Hamilton usually let's people keep those bats that fly out if his hands. How about that diving catch by Moreland!?

  3. One down. Here comes a Ranger homer!

  4. Hamilton should have-he has NO use for it today!!! Off to work, GO RAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hamilton goes left. Hamilton goes right. Sweet!

  6. Would have taken you up on the bet but I didn't see this post until just now. Going home with two in the bag. Time to finish off the Rays.

    Bummer on Baldeli by the way. Sorry to hear it.