Sunday, October 31, 2010

Three Collections In One Awesome Card

I had been emailing back and worth with Jeremy from No One's Gonna Read This Blog! regarding some 2008 Allen and Ginter cards he had come into. I really wanted to finish that one off and sure enough I recieved a package from Oklahoma with the remaining cards I needed to finish that set off. I will probably post them on another day, I hope. Game 4 is on and in the 8th inning and I have my fingers crossed and rally cap on. I do have time for a one card post.

This was a surprise addition and total bonus from Jeremy and it combines three of my favorite things in collecting.

1. Its a custom card and they rule!

2. Its roller derby. One of my favorite things in the world and

3. Its a sombrero card! Cards of people wearing sombreros is one of my odd genre collections that has stayed pretty small. Check it out, 3 birds, 1 stone (card). I love it!!!

Thanks so much Jeremy! You are a GREAT artist and a very generous collector and a pretty dang good blogger, too! Go Ra(y)ngers! troll out.

Wait... Couldn't publish cuz of blogger issues. The game is over, Rangers lost. My guy Aubrey Huff had a monster homerun and Freddy Sanchez had some nice plays in the field. Happy for them, bummed for the Rangers. While I wait on blogger, here are a few 2008 Allen and Ginter cards that need to go to the binder. The base set (1-350) is done! The State cards are done! Now my focus is on the Baseball Icons, Ancient Icons and Team Orange minis. As well as gathering the complete rainbow of Carl Crawford minis and inserts. Feel free to help... Wantlist is here... Thanks again to No One's Gonna Read This Blog for finishing that set and making my week with the rad custom roller derby girl! troll out.


  1. Cool. I'm glad you liked the sketch card! I have some 2010 cards that I need to get out to you. Some base cards, TDIH and some minis.

  2. That is an awesome sketch card... even better that it meets three of your PC needs.