Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Not Really The Way I Thought The Game Would Start...

Its the 4th inning and the Rays are down 3-0. I was anticipating an intense pitchers duel and that hasn't been the case thus far. The Rays managed to load the bases against Cliff Lee in the first, but couldn't capitalize... Lee has some great movement on his pitches, superb location and I don't see him faltering... Price aint pitching bad, but not good enough. Benji Molina just tagged him for a solo shot and I need to leave for work... UGH! Come on guys! I have some pretty posts in the works: a look at the Ex-Rays in the playoffs and a look at the 1999 draft. Its now 4-0 after 3 and a half. Come on Rays! Wake up! Go Rays! troll off to work without a smile...


  1. Well. At least they didn't get no-hit.

  2. Rays have life. Hope they can bring it again on Sunday.