Monday, August 24, 2009

Get Your Ginter Want Lists Ready!!!

Well, that last post worked. I didn't trade any of the cards that I listed, but I did trade a bunch of the base cards that I had not listed. After a 100+ card deal with Jimmy in Galveston, I am left with 98 dupes left and I took the time to type them up. Get your lists ready, this is what I have left for the regular set:
3,4(2),6(2),10,13,14,15,16,17,31,33(2),41,49,52,55,65,68,70,71,73(2),76,77,79,81,84,89,93,97,98(2),100,101,106(2),109,116,118(2),122,127(2),141(2),142,144,145(2),147,150,151,153,154,155,156(2)160,163,166(2),177,186,189,199,200(2),209,213,216,228,239,244,247,248,252(2),257,258,269,271(2),274,278,279,285,293,297,299,313,322,329,331,333,336,337 and 338. Thanks to Jason who offered up a handful of cards from my list, I am now within 18 cards of finishing this damn thing. E-mail me if you can use any of these. Cheers! Go Rays! troll out.

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