Monday, August 31, 2009

Hall of Fame Vote

Just in case anyone hasn't voted yet, today will be the last day... I will pick the winner by Thursday morning. Byleven still leads with 19, Shoeless Joe and Pete Rose are tied with 17 a piece while Bobbie Alomar and the Crime Dog each have 15 votes. Hawk Dawson and Barry Larkin each have a dozen votes and Tim Raines is the final player with double digit votes at ten. The Top Five will be inducted into the Blog-O-Sphere Hall of Fame, Class of 2009-1/2. You can vote on this thread for up to 5 players.


  1. I wanna know who DIDN'T vote for Shoeless Joe!!!!

  2. Me for one... I feel bad now for that, plus for posting where the votes are at. Kinda kills the suspence a little. Narrowing it down to five is tough. I can name 20 guys off the top of my head who I feel belong there, Shoeless Joe being one of them...

  3. It's always tough posting the vote total early. I like to give a whereabouts (who's doing well and who's not) but never throw out numbers, because I worry it'll influence people.

    Meaning you should say you miscounted Crime Dog and he has 5 votes so people will go "oh no" and vote for him like crazy. Then he'll be in!!!

    Haha or not.

  4. Are you F'n kidding me... If Spittin' Bob gets in the Troll Hall and Buck O'Neil is left out AGAIN I'm setting the building on fire.

    Excuse me while I make up a few dozen fake blogger accounts and spam the hell out of the voting.

    Obletry, I say, Obletry!

  5. My lack of attention to all things cards lately has caused me to miss this vote. What a shame......I would have went with Bert and Tim 'Rock" Raines. My next tier would feature forgotten guys like Bobby Grich and Dwight Evans with a take your pick of either Trammell or Whitaker. Keep up the good work Mr. Troll!