Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Vote for the Hall of Fame!

Not a single vote for Joe Torre, only 1 vote for Donnie Baseball. Only one former Negro League player has been brought up. Two votes for Mike Jackson (62-67 career), a vote for Dave Burba (115-87)? Those are only some of the surprises so far in this early 2010 Hall of Fame vote. The contest has 5 more days for people to enter and hopefully we will receive many more votes. Here is how voting is shaping up so far and who will go to the Hall if voting were to cease today. The Top 5 so far are:
1. Bert Blyleven (16)
2. Shoeless Joe Jackson (15)
3. Fred McGriff (14)
3. Pete Rose (14)
5. Barry Larkin (11)
Hot on their spikes are Roberto Alomar (10) and the trio of Andre “Hawk” Dawson, JJ “Buck” O’Neill and Tim “Rock” Raines all with 8 votes each. Rounding out the top ten are Gil Hodges, Ron Santo and Dale Murphy-each with 4 votes. Closer Lee Smith has 3.
Allen Trammell, Edgar Martinez, Harold Baines, Minnie Minoso and Mike Jackson each have 2 votes a piece. There are 13 others who have at least one man or woman in their corners for blogosphere immortality consideration, they are: Jim Kaat, Robin Ventura, Artie Wilson, Maury Wills, Mark McGwire, Ellis Burks, Charlie Hough, Will Clark, Andres Galaragga, Bowie Kuhn, Andy Ashby, Vern Stephens and Dave Burba.
One can make a solid case for at least ¾ of the players mentioned. Everyone is so very thoughtful, very knowledgeable, very informed and very creative. There were a few names that I hadn’t thought of myself, but they definitely have a case. Makes me proud to be a blogger! Now we just need to push for more votes. 18 hardly seem like enough votes to put someone in the Hall of Fame (even if it isn’t real)! Please encourage folks to vote. I’ve decided that people CAN vote even if they don’t follow this blog (but they can’t win) and if you aren’t voting because you don’t want to be overloaded with a bunch of cards you don’t want-vote anyway and specify that you don’t want to be entered to win. I would really like to get 50 people to vote for this thing. You can vote on this comment thread now, I have archived the votes from the other one. I will repeat my first entry as a sample (but my dupe vote will not count). Also, the cards shown in this post (of potential HOFers) will be added to the prize pack. The prize is now guaranteed to have at least 40 cards, plus 3 HOF autographs and at least one bonus auto, plus magazines, postcards and other HOF related stuff. Please vote for the next 5 guys to head to (internet) Cooperstown! Link this post to your blog and you will get a bonus entry, too. Go Rays! Rock the vote baby! Troll out.


  1. I am marck from floriduh and i am a Tampa Bay Rays fan... There are quite a few deserving players out there, but...Okay, my 5 picks are:
    Bert Blyleven, Vern Stephens, Tim Raines, Harold Baines and legendary coach and player, Buck O'Neill. Enjoy the contest and good luck to all!!! Please keep those votes coming!!!

  2. if people don't start voting for Dale Murphy, that's 2 time MVP Dale Murphy, I'm going to start paying them visits in their home.
    I'm a rather large individual, and I've been told I have an attitude. So save yourself the headache.
    Vote Dale Murphy

  3. Artie Wilson played for the Birmingham Barons and was part of what many call the best double play combination in the Negro Leagues along with Piper Davis. He played in several Negro League All Star games and traveled with Satchels' barnstorming team. He was signed by the Giants and played 19 games for them til they called up a kid named Mays. He also played in the PCL when it was known as the third major league. Some people consider him the last player to hit .400, when in 1948 he hit .402 for the Birmingham Barons.

  4. Tim Raines
    Bert Blyleven
    Ron Santo
    Dave Concepcion
    Dale Murphy

  5. Rod, Thanks for the bio on Wilson! Maybe it will get him some votes! I was really surprised that he was the only other Negro League player brought up. I can think of a few more players that deserve mention...There will be bios of everyone when voting is done. Blyleven continues to lead!

  6. This time I will go with Blyleven, Alomar, McGriff, Pete Rose and Harold Baines

  7. Its still only one vote per person, just opening a new thread with a shorter list of instructions... happy voting!

  8. How can Andre Dawson not be getting votes, he is one of a handful of players to have at least 400 HRs, 300 SBs and 2,500 hits. Something Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron can't make a claim to.

    Andre Dawson for the Hall of Fame