Saturday, August 29, 2009

In Disbelief...

I literally just walked in the door, I’ve been at work since 4 this afternoon and I work outdoors with no internet, TV or radio… My wife told me to check out the Rays website because she heard something about Kazmir being traded on the news. We both hoped it was a joke. If it is, it is a pretty widely reported joke. I stopped at my Post Office box on the way home tonight. It has been empty all week long, but I had 5 packages in there today. I said to myself “It’s a great day for trades”. I guess the Rays front office agreed. Fortunately when I trade, I receive equal (or sometimes better) value in return. One of the packages that I got today was from Thomas from Cardboard Singles. He is a Los Angeles Angels fan and we agreed to trade each other team for team. I will post the rest of the cards he sent later, tonight I will focus on the Kazmirs. As an Angels fan, I wonder if he regrets getting rid of all his Kaz cards? I wonder a lot of things right. Why the Rays front office has given up? Why I don’t even care that the Tigers beat the Rays tonight? Why the team’s top starter since 2004 is no longer on the team? I have a lot of memories of Kaz that relate to a lot of things. Taking my cousin Jon and his wife to a Rays game while they were in town visiting-it was her first game ever and Kaz struck out 14 that night. Goofing around with him while he was on his minor league rehab assignments that last game I watched on TV where he held the Blue Jays to one run over 6 innings while striking out 10 batters. I am pretty bummed. I will probably go drink a lot and talk some baseball with the wife. Thanks for the trade Tom! It’s just kinda hard to be excited about these cards right now. If I seem over dramatic, that’s just how I am. This team means a lot to me, but the individual players that form that team mean even more.


  1. I know how you feel man... and it doesn't get any better... unless one day they realize their mistake and trade to get him back.
    It happened to me.. maybe one day for you.

  2. I feel sorry for you. As a Royals fan, I have seen some stupid trades in my time. I'm not even sure what you guys got in return, but since it is August, I'm sure that it isn't much. But, I could be wrong.

    So much for the best trade in Rays history.

  3. Not to be a pessimist, but this can only be the start of several more moves in the offseason, as in this wasn't a trade that one makes with the idea of contending in the immediate future. The rest of this season is shot, and I'm guessing next season, too. Neither prospect is major league ready, so this trades looks toward at least two seasons from now---not good.

  4. I too am in shock. Kaz was my favorite Ray. The poor guy must feel like a punching bag right about now.