Monday, August 24, 2009

Ginter Available For Trade

Hola bloggers! Just in case there is anyone else out there still battling with the A&G, I thought I would post some of my dupes. Here is what I have. E-mail me at bacontowne at yahoooo dot com to work out a deal.
National Pride cards available for trade: All Card #s begin with NP NP2 Justin Upton, 7 Chipper, 10 Jose Reyes, 12 Prince, 13 Morneau, 14 K-Rod, 15 Jorge Posada (3), 16 Jake Peavy (2),17 King Felix (2), 18 Robinson Cano (2), 19 Erik Bedard (2), 20 Akinori Iwamura, 21 Scott Hairston, 22 David Wright, 42 Edgar Renteria, 43 Jose Lopez, 44 Betancourt, 50 Jair Jurrjens, 62 Ryan Braun, 63 Carlos Beltran, 66 Joba, 67 Adrian Gonzalez, 69 Ryan Rowland Smith, 70 Carlos Pena, 71 Josh Hamilton, 72 Edgar Gonzalez and 73 Carlos Lee.
I also have a few code cards up for grabs, too. They are: 129 Brian Giles (2), 134 Jered Weaver, 182 Jose Reyes and 223 Scott Rolen. I am not collecting these.
I am six cards away from completing the Baseball Highlights Sketch Cards, all card #s begin with AGHS. I have two cards available for trade, they are: 7 Manny Ramirez and 11 Francisco Rodriguez.
I am not collecting minis and these seem to go (get claimed) as soon as I pull them. Here is what I have for now: 24 Steve Wiebe, 76 Brandon Phillips, 83 Beethoven (2), 147 Coco Crisp, 322 Chris Volstad and 348 Justin Masterson. All of these minis are regular backs. As far as regular cards, I have a ton. I am thinking about putting together a second set. I have 21 short prints and around 200 base cards. Please e-mail me with your needs. As it turns out, the two relics cards that I pulled this year are still unaccounted for. Dontrelle Willis’ pants and Magglio Ordonez’ jersey cards are still on the trading block. Want em? I still need a few cards to finish the sets myself. The list is
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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