Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Mailbox Goodness From Texas...

Taking a little break at work. Five more hours to go. I finished up my list of needs and haves for 2010 Topps. I actually have about 80 dupes from the base set now that seriously need to find good homes… You can find my list right HERE. As soon as I finish out my shift I will have a photo filled post of the best I have received from 2010 Topps so far, stay tuned for that. One of the sources of great 2010 cards has been Brian from the Play at the Plate blog. While I have a second I wanted to show off a few of the non-2010 cards he sent along. This is gonna be a very quick post… He included my very first Polar Bear mini from Topps T206. It features Matt Garza who just might be the Rays opening day starter this year. Speaking of opening day starters… Here is the gold version of Rays starting third baseman Evan Longoria and probably 3rd or 4th starter David Price. I have had great luck getting gold cards from 2009. I haven’t updated my list, but I think I have 21 out of 35. The other super bonus non-2010 card he sent was this Brian Roberts serial numbered rookie. I posted it along with some other Orioles cards on my other blog, Leading Off yesterday. Here is one Orioles related card that Brian sent that I didn’t post over there. It is from 2010 Topps though. It shows Frank Robinson, the American League MVP, World Series MVP and Triple Crown Winner in 1966. Thanks so much for the great cards Brian! Check out my list please and stay tuned, there will be a BIG 2010 post in about 5 hours! Go Rays! Troll out.

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