Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Quadrafecta is Complete!

My good friend Wicked Ortega from My Past Time...I Love It! posted his ever growing Jordan Zimmerman collection the other day. I posted my ever growing Jared Sandberg collection the day before. I had shown off my first certified auto of JS. I already had his rookie card and a jersey relic so the certified auto gave me the Trifecta. Now, thanks to the aforementioned friend I have the Quadrafecta… That’s right, I now have the complete collection of Sandberg relics.To go along with a 2002 Bowman Freshman Fiber jersey relic, Wicked sent this 2001 Fleer Diamond Cuts bat relic of Sandberg. Quadrafecta complete! The collection is growing… Off to work… Go Rays! Troll out!


  1. Glad to see somebody put the trifecta in use other than me hahaha nice stuff.

  2. Yeah Drew, I totally stole that from you... You coined the term and now I use it ALL the time. Thanks for that!

  3. Freshman Fiber sounds like a Cereal for college students. You would think they would use a bat rack as a backdrop for that "bat" card instead of a bunch of balls. Congrats on the Quadrafecta thingamajig!