Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Randomizer has SPOKEN!!!

Greetings Trollites! I just finished posting a lengthy trade blog featuring Baltimore Orioles cards on my other blog. Please go check it out, if you like it, follow that blog, too. You will thank me for that advice tomorrow. Okay. Glad you came back. On Saturday I posted a quick contest for an autographed 4X6 photo of Chipper Jones. Someone tried to manipulate the rules and clog all the entries, but he was thwarted in his efforts. Ten people were able to enter and their names were all entered into a list on Random Dot Org. This was, incidentally, the first time I used this randomizer. It was REALLY EASY. Highly recommended. I asked an impartial third party and he recommended re-randomizing the list 3 times to really shake it up. That is what I did. I had a co-worker handle hitting the randomizer 3 times so I didn’t see who was on top the first and second time. Anyway, the randomizer has spoken and this is what Senor Random has decided.
List Randomizer
There were 10 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
1. 1. Captain Canuck
2. 6. Drew
3. 2. BA Benny
4. 9. Roy
5. 8. dayf
6. 7. Baseball
7. 4. RWH
8. 10. MMM Rhubarb
9. 5. Dog Faced Gremlin
10. 3. Pack Addict
I didn’t anticipate the result. I thought that the Captain had jinxed himself with his shenanigans, but once again, Canada prevails. Drew finished in second place and BA Benny finished 3rd. Since this was a surprise contest I didn’t plan second and third prizes, SO those 2 will get 2 extra slots in the next contest. Anyway, Mr. Canuck, I suppose I will send you your prize next week that means it should hit the border by April of 2013. Thanks to all who entered, there will be another contest on ONE of my 3 blogs really soon. Remember you MUST be a follower to enter. Congrats to Waxaholic. Go Rays! Troll out.

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  1. nothing comes between me and Lord Chippah.

    it is his destiny.

    by the by, did you know I know the guy who came up with the code for randomizer.com? remind me to tell you that story some time.