Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring Training 2010

I had a VERY busy weekend, but the weekend ended the same as most do, searching through my photos sending them to various editors. One of my assignments was to pick a photograph from Pirate City that summed up the start of Pirates spring training without a word. I thought this shot of super prospect Pedro Alvarez had it covered, but the publication didn't agree with me. They bought a different shot, so I own this one (so I might as well use it...). Florida baby!


  1. you live a rough life mr troll... tough weekend indeed.

    I still want to know more about that bat....

  2. oh, and about the new header.... what the hell IS that?

  3. I'm jealous of you. I got to watch the last of the snow melt this week.

    Nonetheless, I have some Bucs and Rays to mail out to you on Monday.

  4. That new header cracked me up. If Pedro Alvarez makes it big, that "I'm Cool" shot is great. If not...he looks like another bust. I'm jealous of how you spent your weekend!!

  5. Canuck, that's the mascot, Raymond.

    And damn Troll, I could use some palm trees and sunshine right about now!