Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cut Signature DISASTERS, Potential PC Edition...

I am broke right now so I won’t be chasing cards for my new PC until this month’s mortgage is paid, but I still wish I knew who I was chasing. I got a package this morning with some Larry Doby cards that I will show off soon. I also have a great Mad Dog bat card that came in the mail last week that I need to show off. I was searching all 3 players on the auction sites and seeing what I am in for. Bill Mazeroski has a TON of cards. He is in many autograph series and these cards ain’t cheap! That frightens me. Knowing what a great signer Maz is it is hard to try and chase down 100 different autographed cards that average 40 bucks a pop. Now while I was looking I had this post from Sports Cards Uncensored on my mind. It was titled “How Not To Do a Cut Auto Volume 1,000,000” and showed the WORST cut auto card I had ever seen. Seriously, check this post and see the AWFUL looking piece of cardboard that sold for over $1,000.00 bucks. Well if that was Vol. 1,000,000, here is Vol. 1,000,001; a Larry Doby cut sig that you could own for $249.00. This one really sucks because the frame of the card is really nice and classy, but the extra words kill it for me. Check out Vol. 1,000,002; a decapitated Doby cut auto that probably used to look good before it was mutilated. You can buy it now for $125.00. Bill Mazeroski checks in with the same premise. How not to do a cut auto Vol. 1,000,003. Another card that probably used to look good. It can be yours for $59.99. I hate to give this auction site free advertising, but if any of my readers are dumb enough to buy these cut autograph disasters, well… They’re not! This ain’t eBay love, these are eBay atrocities… It sucks that you can take a nice in-person auto which might sell for 5 bucks, take a scissor to it and slap a serial number on it and the value goes up 10 times... I was glad that I didn't find any atrocicuts of Bill Madlock, but I am sure they exist. Oh, there is less than an hour to get in on the Steve Garvey bat relic contest. Enter HERE. More to come. Go Rays! Who am I collecting? Troll out.


  1. inexcusable...
    see here:

    There is just nothing worse than seeing the innards fo your card...It's like hanging out in the room while your buddy gets his appendix were not meant to see that much of him...

  2. I have no words for people who like/purchase/make these cards. They make zero sense to me and therefore I can't even produce a thought in response. Nothing computes.

  3. I wanted to poke my eyes out just looking at those things.