Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Still Looking for the Winners...

Greetings, the contest has ended and the winners have been posted... The top-3 have selected.
1. Adam E picks Brooks Robinson
2. Roy picks Ralph Kiner
3. Fan of Reds picks Al Kaline
4. Roof God - Either Orioles Piedmont autograph
5. Dan's Other World -- Frank Howard Auto
6. JD's Daddy ---- NEEDS TO PICK ----
Roof God and Jd's Dad, please make your picks here. Everyone else, please send me your address, even if we have traded recently. This is it for contests for now. I want to thank everyone for playing. Regular programming will return soon. Please vote on the polls for best catcher, best second baseman and the best shortstop (right here). Okay, now you are up JDs Daddy! Everyone, don't forget to send me your addresses. Cards should go out next week. Go Rays! Troll out.


  1. good lord. 2 people voted for jeter. I had no idea Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder read your blog troll...

  2. Actually I think it was Jeter himself voting twice. Once from home and once from his iPhone.

  3. Pssht...Derek Jeter is a Droid man.

    Did you get my address Troll?

  4. JD's Daddy has authorized me to select Frank Howard for him, so go ahead and set it aside. He'll claim it himself once he's on a non-work computer that will let him comment for himself.

  5. I confirm the selection as presented by Priceless Pursuit. I also confirm that my workplace does indeed suck and not allow me to comment on your blog!

  6. Thanks PP and JDs Daddy, but Frank Howard isn't on the board... Need for Roof God to pick, then Dan Other World and then you... Thanks for getting in touch though... Work computers do suck.

  7. Sorry guys. Haven't had a working computer. Curse you fan of reds for taking that Kaline auto. Oh well, I'll take either of the piedmont autos, sellers choice.