Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Community Kindness!

I am running late as always, but I wanted to throw up a quick post and wish all of you a safe and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!! I also wanted to post up some more Blogger Kindness cards. These came from the guys who bring ya Community Gum, a great blog that serves up sports cards and sarcasm like no other. I posted a bunch of sweet 2010 Heritage cards from The Sewing Machine Guy earlier this week. Well, Community Gum filled in the rest of the blanks for me. Not much time, so here we go… First up is card #314 featuring two of the best infielders in the great state of Florida. Next up is card #303 of probable opening day starter James Shields. From 2010 back to 2008, this one is super special… I hate hunted for this base card for a while for my team set and it kept on eluding me. The Night Owl hooked me up with the base and then I picked up about 5 more of them, now I have the CHROME version, numbered 1405/1689. Next up is a 2010 Topps Gold card of the aforementioned potential opening day starter, its card #195 of Big Game James Shields. The final card in this quick post from the great guys of Community Gum dot com is from 2010 Heritage. I saved the best for last as always. This one is super special because it is the FIRST Evan Longoria REFRACTOR I have ever had in my collection. Yep, I said REFRACTOR. This baby is number C98 in the set and is serial numbered 448/561. Freaking awesome! Thanks so much guys! I really appreciate your note, well wishes and of course these great cards! Keep up the great work and keep on bringing the sarcasm! Thanks to everyone who is helping me select the next player I will be SUPER COLLECTING! I can’t believe that 31 people have voted already! This vote will stay up till Tuesday night and the poll will close then. Coincidentally, that is the exact same time that the CONTEST will go up, so stay tuned. When voting, don’t forget the guidelines. Whomever you pick must have all of their cards attainable by a normal collector. No crazy one of ones, no 500 dollar autographs or 600 different parallels number to 5. They must have a relic card of some sort and a certified autograph that I can afford. This is why Roberto Clemente isn’t on the list… Anyway, thanks to all for voting, keep on helping a Troll out! Don’t forget to check out the Nitty Gritty Card of the Day. Gotta go to work. Go Rays! Thanks Community Gum! Thanks Blog-O-Sphere! Troll out.

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