Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Complete List, Including SIX Winners!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the First Annual Collective Troll Reader Appreciation Contest! The results are in, here is what Random dot Org had to say...
List Randomizer
There were 75 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

1. Luke Wieneke
2. Omega Wax
3. Roy - Picks 2nd
4. Flash
5. JDs Daddy - Picks 6th
6. Colt SEavers
7. Dog Faced Gremlin
8. Justin G.
9. Pack Addict
10. Dan-Saints of Cheap Seats
11. Faqs Fabian
12. Tim Enough Already
13. Dan the Other World - Picks 5th
14. Mariner 1
15. The Diamond King
16. Baseball Dad
17. Wax Wombat
18. JustinB251
19. Deal
20. Play at the Plate
21. Adam E - THE GRAND PRIZE WINNER-Picks 1st
22. (Joe)
23. Joe Blue Jays
24. McCann Can Triple
25. Captain Canuck
26. Motherscratcher
27. RWH-Ryan
28. The Jaw
29. Jonathan
30. Peterson
31. TJ
32. Field of Cards
33. PAB
34. Cameron Reds
35. Ryans Memorabilia
36. Tunguska
37. DGreen1899
38. SpastikMooss
39. Matt F
40. Steve E
41. Chris OK
42. Roof God - Picks 4th
43. Ryan AKA Orioles Magic
44. First Day Issue Bud
45. GCRL
46. ED S.
47. Rod Padrographs
48. Dayf
49. Duane Roadkill
50. Night Owlie
51. Madding
52. Senate
53. Fan of Reds - Picks 3rd
54. Marks Ephemera
55. DFWBuck2
56. Oophowan
57. Zman 40
58. Carl Crawford Cards
59. Cynical Buddha
60. Aaron
61. Sewing Machine Guy
62. IDK3rd Base
63. Joes Autographs
64. Beardy
65. BA Benny
66. Wicked Ortega
67. Drews Cards
68. Brian J
69. Brooklyn Met
70. Dpuccio-David
71. Hackenbush-David
72. Slangon
73. Offy
74. Jacob Marley
75. Matt-The Best Way
Timestamp: 2010-03-31 01:38:11

Thanks to everyone for reading this blog-it is the readers who make me want to write and I do appreciate it! Opening Day is inching closer. Do you have your tickets yet? I will be at Tropicana Field in the 7th row behind the dugout and I can't wait! This contest was sponsored by TBRaysNews dot com-check them out for all of your Rays news and notes, the site launches officially on Opening Day. Thanks again, congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone-especially those who left hilarious comments to enter. Y'all never disappoint. The reason that I begged everyone to follow this blog is because I have a lot of great posts planned, so keep on checking in. The Nitty Gritty Card of the Day will have a new and different vintage card posted daily and the third blog in the CT family is dedicated to my Brian Roberts collection, check it out as well. Thanks! Prizes will be shipped out late next week. Don't forget to send me your addresses. Winners, claim your prizes here. If you don't remember what the prize options were, the original post is here. Vote for the best shortstop ever while you are here, PLEASE. Go Rays! Troll out.


  1. Woot!
    In order, my preference:

    If you need my address again, let me know!

  2. Thanks for the contest, Troll. Keep up the good work.

  3. BlackJack!!!

    So far 2010 has been my lucky year. First I won the NCAA picks over at Cards On Cards, then I won a contest over at Mojo/Beard, and now this.

    I definatly want the Brooks auto. It is by far the nicest card. IT will be my firt HOF auto card. (baseball HOF at least)

    Awesome Contest Troll. Thanks a ton.

  4. Thanks for the contest! I am always dumbfounded by this type of generosity.

    As 5th choice, depending on what's remaining (looks like Robinson and Kaline for sure will be gone):

    Kiner Auto
    Howard Auto
    Hernandez T206 Auto

    Do you still have my address from before?

    Thanks again.

  5. Great blog!

    On a side note, my blog www.canadacardworldblog.com has been nominated for the Upper Deck Blog Awards. If you're interested in some free sports cards, please visit our site, follow the simple rules, and maybe we both can win!


  6. Awwww everyone wants the Brooks. Dang.

    But, I'll be delighted with the Kiner.

    Thanks for the spectacular blog (and contest) Troll.

  7. Thanks for the wicked contest!