Wednesday, December 23, 2009

1993 Topps Stadium Club Series 3, Group Box Break Pack Number 6!!! or No Sleep Till These Are Posted!!!

Just got off of work and I am on location at my friend Chris’s house. He just got a new pit-bull puppy (12 weeks old) so I wanted to come and use his nice new scanner and computer again before the dog eats it. He asked me to mention I was at his place so he would be web famous-I explained that he would only be famous if someone read this blog… Anyway, the pack was ripped and sleeved earlier (I am on my third pack of penny sleeves already!) but lets get ready to post pack #6 of 1993 Topps Stadium Club!!! First up is: #733 Henry Mercedes Oakland A’s (Nico had commented that there was only one Oakland A’s card pulled-that is incorrect, but if it wasn’t-here’s card #2 Nico!!!)
#630 Javier Lopez Atlanta Braves (with all the Braves that have been pulled I think this is the first Javy card-he is my favorite Brave because he shares his birthday with my son Zadeh!)
#741 Alex Arias Florida Marlins (Now we have Arias in SC and Xpress)
#695 Phil Hiatt RC KC Royals (Mine!)
667 Randy Myers Chicago Cubs (They list Randall K’s career numbers with no rest and he is 10-7 with 37 saves and a 1.91 ERA)
#654 Ben Rivera Philadelphia Phillies (I guess I didn’t watch too many Phillies games in the mid-90s cuz there are a whole bunch of Phils that I don’t remember)
#601 Wade Boggs New York Yankees (I flipped this card to show his rookie card on the Red Sox rather than a large pic of him on the Yankees)
#716 Terry Mulholland Philadelphia Phillies (Terry was 5-1 in 6 starts in May of ’92)
#620 Joe Girardi Colorado Rockies (I don’t why the Rockies back-up catcher looks familiar to me, but he does…)
#694 Kevin Mitchell Cincinnati Reds (I was going to a lot of Mets games when Mitch first came up and he actually played shortstop and second base-I saw it in person. I mean the guy is a MOOSE and he played middle infield. He could play, but it just didn’t look right)
#607 Ellis Burks Chicago White Sox (this is right before he went to Colorado and became a 30-30 guy)
#691 Mike Lansing RC Montreal Expos (This is actually Mike Lansing’s rookie card, who knew?) #711 BJ Surhoff Milwaukee Brewers (oh my… this card has left me speechless. Someone else say something, please!)
#643 Alan Mills Baltimore Orioles (I am speechless, still)
Okay, there ya go. I don’t know what to say other than I am going home and going to bed. Thanks for your concern Madding-I probably could benefit from a little sleep. I need some badly, especially after seeing that Surhoff card; I will probably have nightmares…Thanks for the computer usage Chris! More packs to rip in the morning, plus Blogger Awards announcement and perhaps even a trade post. Stay tuned. troll out.


  1. Rest easy my friend. Tell Chris he is famous now, because at least one person read this post!

  2. On location at Chris's house! A blog on wheels!

  3. I had no clue that the Flash's secret identity was BJ Surhoff! Sick picture

    Well of course as soon as I made a comment about there being only one A's card, you went and pulled three more. lol

    I should keep my mouth shut about the stream of Yankees pouring out of these packs, less my luck start to change.

  4. Btw that's a really cool name for your son, Zadeh. Does it mean something?

  5. Nico-Zadeh translates roughly into "coolest kid in the world!"