Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This is Pack Number 7 of 1997 Pinnacle X Press and it is a GOOD ONE-Check it Out!!!!!

I busted this pack right before it was time for me to head to work-I figured I would post it as soon as I got home, then I saw what was in it and realized I had to post this and would have to buckle up and put the pedal to the floor on the way to work! This is pack number 7 and I think they have all been pretty good. There are no cards that I get to keep in this one, but opening a great pack is awesome either way. I know this is junk wax and a “hit” from ’97 isn’t a hit by today’s standards, but still… Here we go!
First out of the pack is #23 Chipper Jones Atlanta Braves (the Braves stack is getting TALL!)
#122 Bobby Abreu 1997 Rookie Houston Astros (wow, I had almost forgot that Abreu broke in with the Stros…He just signed another 2 year contract with the Angels and the guy can still score and drive in runs. He swiped 30 bases this past year and has 348 in his career-that’s 6th best active and 108th All Time. His 256 homers are 36th among active players)
#13 Tony Gwynn San Diego Padres (Speaking of great hitters… One of the best, EVER! The first HOFer in this pack)
#75 Alex Fernandez Florida Marlins
#14 Eddie Murray California Angels (HOF number 2, the greatest switch hitter of all time! Murray hit 22 homers for the Angels in ’96)
#??? Booster Points Game Card +6
#3 of 20 Andruw Jones Atlanta Braves Melting Pot insert, serial numbered 149/500 (There are 20 cards in the Melting Pot set and they are seeded 1:288 packs-this is a CASE HIT!!!! Numbered to 500 is like being numbered to 5 now. Remember they used to serial number to 20,000 back then. Regardless of whom it is or who gets it, this is a freaking case hit and I am excited!!!) #81 Jim Edmonds California Angels (Edmonds hit .304 with 27 homers in ’96)
And the last card is: #94 Paul Molitor Minnesota Twins (This is the 3rd HoFer in this pack! Molitor batted .341 in ’96 and drove in 113 runs with only 9 homers. AMAZING!)
Well, I would say this is the best pack so far, what do you think? 9 different player cards and each one of them is a past All Star, there are 3 different HoFers, a First Ballot Future HoFer and a case hit insert. SWEET!!! Is everybody still having fun? Can’t wait to get home from work and rip some more!!! Remember, we have about 70 more packs to rip up, so don't get discouraged just yet...Troll out.


  1. That would be considered a "Hot Pack" by today's standards.

  2. I can't remember who has the Angels, but I need that Edmonds card.