Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ripping in the Morning-1994 Pinnacle Series 2, Pack Number 5...

Jumping right in to the 5th pack of 1994 Pinnacle Series 2… First card out is:
#355 Ken Hill Montreal Expos (1994 would be bittersweet for Hill… He was off to his best start ever. He made the All Star team and was the Ace on the best team in the NL and then came the strike… Hill is another guy who finished second in the Cy Young voting to Greg Maddux. They tied for the league lead with 16 wins, but Hill’s ERA was double Maddux’s)
#399 Darrell Whitmore Florida Marlins (The original DW on the Fish)
#330 Tony Phillips Detroit Tigers (Mr. Personality hit .313 for the Tigers in ’93)
#442 Jamie Moyer Baltimore Orioles (Yep, 15 years ago Moyer was just getting warmed up-he was 12-9 for the O’s in ’93)
#413 Carlos Delgado Toronto Blue Jays (This young catcher had no idea he would make more money than most countries)
#435 Jay Powell Baltimore Orioles (1st Round pick in ’93-had a long career, but never threw a pitch for the O’s)
#363 Gene Harris Sand Diego Padres (not all the photography is good in here)
#503 Tyler Green Philadelphia Phillies (was 18-25 over parts of 4 seasons with the Phillies)
#536 Steve Tracshel Chicago Cubs
#512 Luis Polonia NY Yankees (Swiped 55 bases for the Angels in ’93)
#338 Mike Stanley NY Yankees (hit 26 homers for Yanks in ’93)
#435 Jay Powell Baltimore Orioles MUSEUM COLLECTION (I do love these cards, but 2 Jay Powells in one pack?)
#275 Hipolito Pichardo KC Royals
#521 Jeff Reardon NY Yankees (1994 was the last year for the Terminator-spent it with the Yankees and appeared in 11 games, saving 2-he is 7th All Time in saves)
Okay, that’s it, more to come! Troll out.

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  1. Pinnalce put those two Powells in that pack so that you could scan that 15 years later a blogger could scan them side by side during a pack break.

    Those two poor cards will now never fullfill their destiny...