Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Keep on Ripping! Pack #10 of 1993 Stadium Club Series 3...

It has been a while since I have ripped a pack of the 1993 Stadium Club, so here we go with pack #10 of that box…
#706 Cris Carpenter Florida Marlins (Not to be confused with Chris Carpenter)
#684 Barry Bonds San Francisco Giants (Bonds led the league in homeruns only 2 times during his 22 year career. The first time came in ’93 when he hit 46 of them)
#614 Phil Plantier San Diego Padres
#635 Jeff Russell Boston Red Sox
#656 Mike Harkey Chicago Cubs
#670 Al Leiter Toronto Blue Jays
#740 Pat Mahomes Minnesota Twins
#745 Checklist
#618 Gary Sheffield San Diego Padres (Shef led the NL in batting with a .330 average in ’92)
#682 Kevin Stocker Philadelphia Phillies (The RC of the original Devil Rays shortstop)
#615 Jim Abbott New York Yankees (Was 4th in AL with 18 wins in 1991. The best word to describe Abbott’s career was AMAZING!)
#665 Greg Maddux Atlanta Braves (Maddux won his second of 4 consecutive Cy Young Awards in ’93)
#637 Tom Henke Texas Rangers (I very nearly listed his team as the Blue Jays, but I suppose play time should be over… I just felt like only one person was reading these posts and I wanted to have some fun…Henke was in the top-10 in saves 9 times during his 14 year career…He won the ’93 Series with the Jays collecting 2 saves)
#664 Doug Dascenzo Texas Rangers (Dascenzo was normally a speedy outfielder, but he pitched in 4 games for the Cubs totaling 5 innings without allowing a run and striking out 2) It is going to be a battle to finish this box break before the new year… I really miss my card of the day posts…They may return, who knows…For now I am buried in wax packs, ahh!!!!!!!! Till next pack, troll out!


  1. Thanks for doing this for everyone, it's a great idea. I'm sending your two 09 Heritage short prints out today.

  2. When was the other time Bonds led the the league in H..........oh yeah!!!!!!!lol.

  3. I miss Henke. He was one of the very few Blue Jays I liked.

    very few.

  4. I see what you did there - with Henke.
    Tom was the man...or at least among the men.